Gain More Light in your Bathroom with a Shower Screen

Using a shower screen to add more light to your bathroom really does work! Read on to find out why and how.
Gain More Light in your Bathroom with a Shower Screen

Last update: 27 February, 2022

A shower screen can contribute to more light flooding your bathroom. If your bathroom is dimly lit or lacks natural light, a shower screen may help you to use this space more productively and with more comfort. In addition, these elements add a special decorative touch.

The use of shower screens allows light to enter the entire room through the windows and expands artificial lighting better. This is a great advantage because it allows us to carry out activities such as showering, applying makeup, and personal grooming with more efficiency.

In fact, the issue of lighting in bathrooms is so important that experts recommend maintaining it where possible since it improves the experience and well-being of the people who use this space. Ready to learn more about why the best option to enhance your bathroom is through a shower screen? Keep reading!

Brighten up your bathroom with a shower screen

The shower screen is, in turn, a very elegant decorative element.
Having a shower screen in your bathroom guarantees light. This can only be seen when the change is made, and once this happens, it’s as if the whole room has undergone a huge transformation. Of course, you must be very careful when making your shower screen purchase. To achieve the desired outcome, the screen must be transparent and even have LED accessories.

Equally, you’ll need to take the measurements of the shower tray so that the screen fits the space. It’s also important to think about the type of opening the screen will have. There are options for larger bathrooms that means the shower screen opens in the traditional way or for smaller bathrooms, you can choose sliding screens.

These types of details are so important that there are even stores that’ll design your screen to measure and according to your needs and tastes.

The advantages of transparent shower screen partitions

Without a doubt, having a transparent shower screen is the best option to illuminate your bathroom because it allows light to pass through and illuminates all the spaces in the shower.

Because of this advantage, it’s recommendable to use a shower screen in small bathrooms. This will give it light and, if your bathroom is painted white, it’ll help it to look bigger than it really is. By providing amplitude, you’ll feel much more comfortable and relaxed when using it.

Shower screens with LED light to improve lighting

Bathroom decoration is important and should be thought of as a whole.
For dark bathrooms that are deprived of light, either because they’re small or because there are no windows,  salvation is found in a shower screen. In addition to this, choose one with LED light fixtures to help illuminate the space.

These types of screens are usually much more elegant and modern than those without LED lights. They bring a superior feel in decorative terms to all bathrooms. More, because there are some that allow you to change the colors of the lights, as well as their intensity, going from cold to warm tones.

This is wonderful because it provides more options for the way you use your bathroom. For example, for a normal shower, blue tones work well, while for an afternoon or evening of relaxation, warm tones are ideal.

Shower screens bring light and decorate your bathroom

If the decoration of your bathroom is important to you, you should absolutely opt for a transparent shower screen. In this article, we’ve reviewed the benefits of this type of screen and the styling options available to you.

Keep in mind that if transparency isn’t your thing, you can opt for beveled or embossed screens that still look great, but provide more privacy.

Don’t forget to think about your bathroom as a whole. As such, to create that special and illuminated effect you also have to think about the color of your walls, your furniture, and the flooring. You can even buy accessories for your toiletries in matching colors. Ultimately, it’s about everything working in harmony and shining in its own light.