Furnish a Home Office Without Clashing Decor

If you work from home and have the space to decorate, try to do so in a way that matches the rest of your home decor.
Furnish a Home Office Without Clashing Decor

Last update: 22 October, 2019

Many people live and work in the same space. Merging your professional and personal life into one space is becoming more common. In fact, there are even jobs that adapt to our lifestyle. But if you have both your home and office in your living space, how can you furnish it?

Combining two different decors in one setting is tricky. While each space has its own set of furniture, if they’re merged together, you need to make some decisions and try to create a dialogue between the spaces.

We’re not saying that you have to differentiate the spaces in an obvious manner. However, you need to bring them together and look for a connection that can help you feel at home while offering the appropriate conditions to work in.

Where can you set up a home office?

If your profession means having a home office, and you can’t count on having your own room, try putting it in a personal space.

Living rooms and bedrooms are the most common places for setting up a small home office. Other rooms, such as kitchens, can be poor places for workspaces.

— Decor isn’t incompatible with functionality. —

Room layout

First, you need to look for a good room layout. For example, if you’re planning on setting up your home office in the living room, you need to make sure the furniture flows together.

A bedroom can also become a nice workspace. But make sure it still serves its purpose for personal rest. The room you choose must have enough space to allow you to both rest and work.

In short, when you’re setting up a small workspace in a room with a different function, ensure that there’s enough space for both. After, you can tie the spaces together through decor.

Home office in a living room

How can you make a workspace work in a living room? It’s not easy, but first, look for the right fit and avoid exaggerating contrasts. So what will you need to get started?

  • For your workspace, you’ll just need a table and chair in addition to your work objects. Make sure you set your office next to a window or in an area that doesn’t obstruct transit.
  • You’ll need direct light to work. Focus light on your table with a flex table lamp.
  • A shelf might come in handy to store your things. It will also help decorate your office.

Meanwhile, the personal side needs a decor that helps us rest and feel comfortable:

  • Couch and coffee table facing the TV.
  • Shelves and cabinets to display decorative objects.
  • Make sure you choose furniture pieces in the same color or material to help tie the home and living room decor together.
  • Light fixtures– standing, table or hanging all work fine. Use them to create a separate atmosphere.
home office living room

Home office in a bedroom

As we mentioned earlier in this post, you need enough space for all of your furniture pieces. Starting with your home office:

  • Just as we saw above, your desk or table should go next to a window or in an area that won’t be bothersome. Add a chair and direct lighting for the table. Try to leave as much free space in your room as possible.
  • Aim for simplicity in your decor and furniture pieces.

As for the personal part of your room:

  • Use most of the space for your bed, which should be the room’s focal point. And try to create a connection between your bed and your desk and chair through color.
  • Wardrobes and other furniture pieces, such as a nightstand, will also play an important part in your bedroom decor.

In short, matching furniture is just a matter of bringing everything together.