Fall 2020 Home Decor Essentials

In this article, discover amazing fall home decor essentials that create warmth and fill your rooms with natural details.
Fall 2020 Home Decor Essentials

Last update: 12 November, 2020

Seasonal changes are the perfect times of the year to add new decorative resources. In fact, it can be exciting to add touches of each season to your home. In this article, discover amazing fall home decor essentials.

The season of pine cones, pumpkins, and cool temperatures is here, inviting you to recreate warmer and more welcoming environments. Indoor life becomes important and people tend to seek warmth and comfort. The time has come to change your home’s decor.

Fall 2020 home decor essentials

A fall terrace.

Fall home decor invites you to leave summer patterns behind by swapping vibrant colors and light materials for earthy tones like brown and burgundy. Here are some tips that you can take into account to make your spaces pop!

Don’t forget outdoor spaces

Despite the cooler weather, fall nights are still very pleasant and fall days are more enjoyable without the heat of the summer. If you have a porch, garden, or a terrace, you can create a stargazing haven with cushions and blankets.

Decorate it with soft lights and fall colors like orange, ocher, and yellow. You can even add contrast with green. We’re sure it’ll look beautiful!

Pumpkins – one of the best fall home decor essentials

Pumpkins as decorative elements.
Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Pumpkins are definitely the fruit of the fall season. The good news is that, in addition to pumpkins being decorative, you can also eat them. Yes, we suggest keeping them on your kitchen counter and learning how to make delicious recipes, like these Baked Cheesy Pumpkins.

As you can find them in different shapes and sizes, you can make a centerpiece by combining the multiple colors they offer. This way, you’ll give your home that rustic touch that’s so characteristic of this season of the year.

Dry leaves – another fall home decor essential

Nothing represents fall more than fallen tree leaves. You can incorporate them into your interior design in pictures or as dried flower arrangements. You’ll enjoy the effect of the leaves but won’t have to deal with the mess real ones cause.

Another amazing idea for your favorite corners is to frame a photo of fallen leaves in a wooden frame, like this one we found at Zara Home.

2020 fall home decor essentials for your bed

You don’t need to change your entire bed. But you can invest in a new duvet cover and pillows in the colors of the fall season: brown, mustard, and dark green.

Make sure to use warm materials that are soft to the touch and create a cozy sensation. Wool is a good idea. When it comes to choosing dark colors, avoid black and gray, because they create the opposite effect.

Fall lighting

Lights inside a jar.

If you have children, we’re sure they’ll enjoy DIY projects. Take a jar and fill it with LED strip lights. You can then fill it with dry leaves, chestnuts, pine cones… whatever you can think of to give it a fall touch.

Fall tablecloths

Typical plaid prints are warm, homey, and can help you recreate the sensations you’re looking for.

Choose a tablecloth with red, blue, or brown tones to spruce up your dining room! This gives the space more vitality. In fact, you can even place a pumpkin centerpiece on the dining room table.

These 2020 fall home decor essentials promise to help you create a welcoming and cozy home. Use the elements that nature gives you to create original spaces that represent this season. Start your fall decor today!

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