Display Cases Are In Do You Have One?

Display cases create order and beautify rooms. What more can you ask for? In this article, discover everything they can do for your home!
Display Cases Are In  Do You Have One?

Last update: 05 November, 2020

Display cases are decorative resources that seemed to have been forgotten. However, they’re taking center stage once again as one of the must-haves for any lover of well-decorated spaces.

In this interesting article, you’ll discover what they can do for you. We also share some great ideas for you to place them anywhere in your home. Would you like to give them a try?

In love with display cases

A gray display case in a room.
Image: ikea.com/es

When it comes to furniture, display cases or cabinets are one of the most practical pieces you can have in your home. Although they seemed doomed to inhabiting classic dining rooms, the truth is that they’ve gained ground once again and are capable of making rooms pop.

They adapt to practically any space. In fact, you’ll be able to find many beautiful designs that go with your room’s decorative style.

As we mentioned above, you may be used to seeing them in the dining room. However, they look great in hallways, bedrooms, or even bathrooms.

The uses of display cases

A display case for dishes in the kitchen.
Image: maisonsdumonde.com

Without a doubt, display cases are one of the most practical and pieces of furniture you can have in your home. In fact, they can help to keep things tidy thanks to the fact that they allow you to store fragile utensils, kitchenware, placemats, or whatever else you decide.

They are mainly created for displaying content through their delicate glass doors. Dishes take on another dimension and your collectibles stay safe inside. Their colors and materials can blend with what they store inside, giving a room a touch of extra personality.

From an extra piece of furniture to store in the pantry to that accessory that allows you to keep your treasures safe, display cabinets have returned with a vengeance!

How to decorate the living room

A black display cabinet.
Image: amazon.es

Firstly, you need to remember that everything you store inside the case will be visible. Therefore, you must watch the aesthetics and place the objects in a balanced way. Yes, you can store books, flowers, and ceramic pieces, among other items. But remember to leave some free space so the items can breathe. Don’t pile things up inside because you’ll make it look overloaded. Also, you run the risk of something falling.

Display cases in the kitchen

If you have a display case in the kitchen, the contents inside it must be in perfect order. If not, it’ll give off a sense of chaos and untidiness.

It’s a great idea to use it as a pantry and for extra space to store other objects. You can decorate it with nice matching jars, like these from Maisons du Monde. And if you’re storing small things, group them in baskets and boxes.

An interesting idea if you have a small kitchen is to go for horizontal display cabinets and folding doors. They help give a sense of space and you can always combine them with an open shelf. This way, you create a more versatile and harmonic piece of furniture.

A change in patterns

Do you know how display cases can help you with your decoration? If you’re a fan of industrial style decor and your house has exposed brick, metallic elements, and modern furniture, you can include a vintage display cabinet. It’ll give off a very personal vibe and will draw everyone’s attention.

For order

Maybe you leave the bills and mail forgotten in a drawer or piled up on a desk. An excellent idea is to place a display case in your work area or study. Add some boxes and files to keep everything more organized and close at hand.

Display cases in bathrooms

Yes, you can even place one in your bathroom. It’s a good idea to use it to store your toiletries, towels, and decorative elements. It’ll look great in your bathroom!

We suggest the Ikea HEMNES, as it’s an excellent option. In addition to its glass doors, it has open shelves at the bottom for the things you use most often.

In short, this charming piece of furniture can transform any room you place it in. Let your imagination and creativity run wild, buy a vintage one, buy a more modern one, or order a custom made one. The options are endless and will depend on your taste and needs!