Discover the Ideal Plants for Fall

Ideal plants for fall include hydrangeas and marigolds. Discover all the options you have to bring color and life to your garden during fall.
Discover the Ideal Plants for Fall

Last update: 29 March, 2022

There are some plants that adapt better to fall than others, so it’s ideal to grow and enjoy them during this season. These plants for fall start to thrive just before winter, as the temperature begins to drop and the leaves of the trees begin to dry and fall.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the plants that thrive during fall. Ready? Keep reading!

The ideal plants for fall

Shade plants, hydrangeas.

Low temperatures cause many plants to stop flowering or if they’re not well protected they may even die. The ideal plants for fall will stay beautiful and bloom to maintain the enjoyment of your garden. We’ll tell you all about them!


Hydrangeas are fall-loving plants and are characterized by the beauty and color of their flowers, which have an intense perfume. Despite needing a bright space to grow healthily, they don’t tolerate direct sun exposure.

The ideal environment for them is outdoors, in the shade, and with a moist substrate. This is an environment that’s very similar to fall. So in other seasons, make sure that you keep watering them daily and offer a pot with good drainage.


Another ideal plant for the fall is ivy. In addition to surviving well in this environment, it stands out for being very easy to care for. It’s hanging and can be grown both inside and outside the home. It grows much healthier in the shade and with a moist substrate. Choose between planting it at ground level or in pots.


spatiphilus or lily of peace

Spatifilo or peace lily is an easy plant to grow. Its green leaves have white flowers and make it very attractive. Among its benefits, it also helps to purify the air inside the home.

In addition, it’s very resistant and blooms throughout the year, if it’s exposed to light. However, direct sunlight can burn it and turn it yellow, so the environment during the fall is ideal.

Calendula: plants for fall

Calendula is a medicinal plant that has very beautiful orange flowers. Experts point out that it has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antispasmodic properties. Likewise, it stands out for being an excellent source of antiseptic healing.

Contrary to the plants we’ve talked about, calendula requires sun, with moderate watering and moist soil. Having it at home is a great benefit since you can make topical infusions to treat any affected areas of the body.


The chrysanthemum is one of the easiest plants to grow and it stands out for the beauty of its flowers. It originates from China, is aromatic, and blooms during the fall. It likes drafty, bright places and produces flowers that vary in color and are similar to the petals of daisies.


Ideal plants for fall, anthurium

The anthurium is beautiful, it has very showy and very particular red flowers. It comes from the Colombian rainforest, so the fall environment is ideal for its healthy growth.

At home, you should spray a little water on your leaves and flowers to keep them fresh. Although it likes humidity, it also enjoys light, so indoors, place it by a window, but not in direct sunlight.

African violet: plants for fall

The African violet is one of the most beautiful and ideal plants to grow in the fall. Its flowers come in different colors, although the most sought after are those of an intense violet color. In addition, the buds have a velvet texture that makes them very distinctive.

They have one great advantage in that they bloom all year round. They should be grown in a moist substrate, but with good drainage.



Coleus is an ideal indoor plant to grow outside and decorate gardens. They don’t have flowers, but they do have beautifully colored leaves. They grow very well in the shade, so they like fall, as long as they receive protection from the cold.

What fall plants will you grow at home?

We’ve explained the ideal plants to grow at home in the fall. Choose one or more to prevent your garden from being without color and life during the fall.

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