Discover the Tables That Will Look Best in Your Home

In this post, we’ll provide a couple of ideas for tables that will go best in each room in your home.
Discover the Tables That Will Look Best in Your Home

Last update: 08 April, 2019

Discover the best tables for each room in your home in the following post. First of all, it’s worth pointing out that you should always consider the available space and the decorative style of your home. That way, you can be sure that your rooms won’t clash.

Tables are an essential piece of furniture. That’s why it’s important to make sure you choose the right tables for your rooms and for your needs and tastes. In the following post, we’ll provide a few ideas for the perfect table for the rooms in your home.

Tables for study areas

If you have an office, a study or an art studio, it’s important to have the right table. For offices or studies, your table or desk should be a substantial size (at least more than a meter) to allow you to work comfortably, especially if you have a computer.

Some tables have a hole through which you can thread computer or lamp cables, keeping them out of sight. Under the table, there is also sometimes a set of pull-out drawers that you can remove if you need more space.

It’s also useful for tables to have storage space, such as a drawer or shelves underneath. These are sometimes hidden behind a small door.

For kids’ rooms, there are also tables and desks that are suitable for children. These are available in different sizes, depending on your kids’ ages. If they’re young and there isn’t a great deal of space in their room(s), you could opt for a folding table, so that they use it only when really needed.

Finally, if you’re a fan of DIY you can make your own table. The simplest option is to buy a wooden board and place it on top of two sawhorses. Another option is to convert an old door into a table, although this will be more time-consuming.

Tables for dining rooms

Dining room tables are usually square or rectangular so that they follow the lines of the room. However, circular tables are more innovative and adventurous.

As these tables are quite large, they will really stand out in your dining room, so it’s best to make sure they match perfectly with the rest of the furniture and accessories. If you have a living-dining room, you can use your table to separate the spaces without creating too much contrast.

If there’s not a lot of available space in your dining room, you could opt for an extendable table, which is a practical and functional option. There are several types of extendable table, depending on the shape. This is the best way of creating extra space when you need it and not overfilling your room.

Tables for bedrooms

When it comes to bedrooms, bedside tables are essential. If you have a double bed, it’s ideal to have one table on each side. They can either match or be in different styles.

There are currently a huge number of bedside tables to choose from. Some are quite traditional, while others may surprise you. For example, you could use tree trunks, placed on either side of your bed, to organize your belongings. You just need to give the wood a couple of layers of varnish.

Another option is to use lattice paving or paving stones placed one on top of the other until they reach your desired table height.

Tables for living rooms

Coffee tables are a must for your living room. It’s best to place your coffee table 30-40 centimeters from your sofa and for it to be the same height as the sofa and/or your armchairs.

It’s obviously important to think about how you will use your table. For example, would you like to eat at it while you’re watching TV? Or would you like to leave your books and magazines on top of it? Traditional coffee tables are square, however, nowadays they’re available in a wide variety of shapes.

The same can be said for the materials they’re made of. Although wood is the most common material, coffee tables are also available in glass or come with a mirror top. You can actually use these types of tables as a mirror, making your living room feel more spacious and lighter.

Side tables are also important pieces of furniture in your living room. These usually come as a set of two or three tables, which can be stored under one other. As they are usually different sizes, they fit well together. Many also come with a built-in drawer, which makes them even handier to use.

It’s very important to consider the amount of space available in each of your rooms. If they’re on the smaller side, you can always opt for folding or extendable tables. Also, bear in mind that you can transform your house into a comfortable and relaxing home with the right furniture, such as a table.

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