Discover How to Clean and Organize Your Underwear Drawer

Discover how to clean and organize your underwear drawer. This includes storing your garments and preventing humidity.
Discover How to Clean and Organize Your Underwear Drawer

Last update: 02 March, 2023

Cleaning and organizing your underwear drawer is crucial for a tidy bedroom. In this drawer there coexists a large number of different garments, including things you wear each day and things you may have forgotten. Either way, this drawer is prone to accumulating bacteria and dust, which isn’t ideal.

This is precisely why we’re going to give you some tips to help you have a clean and functional underwear drawer. Keep reading!

Is it really necessary to clean your underwear drawer?

Cleaning your underwear drawer is necessary for several reasons. One reason is the high probability that bacteria thrive in this space. As you store all types of underwear in this drawer, it’s easy for bacteria to multiply.

To be specific, studies indicate that new garments contain countless microorganisms and traces of chemicals that can affect our health. For this reason, you should wash new clothes before using them or storing them in your drawer.

If you don’t do this, you’ll expose yourself to bacteria that’ll remain on your clothes and even on the surfaces of your underwear drawer. Moreover, you should remember to replace undergarments once a year. Doing this will prevent the further proliferation of fungi and bacteria that can cause irritations and infections.

How to clean your underwear drawer

Now that you know how important it is to clean your underwear drawer, it’s time to follow some tips to do it properly. We’ll focus on the surfaces of the drawer so you can keep this space impeccable!

1. Start by emptying the drawer

To do a good cleaning of the underwear drawer, it is necessary to take out all the clothes and organize them.
To clean your underwear drawer, start by taking out all the garments before organizing them.  

The first step to start cleaning your underwear drawer begins by emptying it completely. Take the opportunity to clean it inside with the help of a cloth and a homemade mixture of liquid soap, water, and white vinegar. Be sure to use another cloth to dry the drawer completely.

After you’ve done this, leave the drawer to air and take the time to sort through your undergarments. Throw away any items that you’ve owned for more than a year or that are damaged or worn. Immediately afterward, divide the garments that you have left by categories. For example, socks, panties, and camisoles, among others.

2. Invest in organizers

Storage organizers are amazing! As their name indicates, they order clothes inside the drawer. This makes it easier to distribute your garments and prevent them from coming into contact with each other. This is especially important when we talk about panties and socks, which are better kept separate.

3. Clean and pair your socks

Take advantage of this time to eliminate any socks that aren’t a pair. Ultimately, there’s no point in keeping just one sock and they’re taking up valuable drawer space. Do the same with any worn, threadbare, or damaged socks.

Fold the remaining socks and put them in the organizer. Keep in mind that you should wash socks separately so that foot bacteria and microorganisms don’t come into contact with other garments.

4. Pay special attention to panties and bras

Panties are one of the most important undergarments, so take good care of them. Any that you’ve had for more than a year should be thrown away. The same goes for any panties that are damaged, with loose or visibly worn elastic.

Fold them and arrange them in your chosen organizer. Repeat this with your bras, and throw away those with loose straps and broken or missing wires.

Make sure you wash your underwear thoroughly ensuring there are no traces of soap or other cleaning products that can irritate your skin.

Put a washer.
It’s important to wash underwear separately and thoroughly and leave it free from traces of cleaning products.

5. Prevent humidity

To conclude with cleaning and organizing your underwear drawer, you should prevent humidity from accumulating inside it. This can be achieved in two ways.

The first way to do this is to make sure you avoid keeping wet or damp clothes inside your drawer. The second way involves buying an anti-humidity product and placing it in the center of the drawer, between the organizers.

It’s easy to clean and organize your underwear drawer!

By following the steps that we’ve shared, your underwear drawer will stay clean, organized, and fresh. Moreover, in addition to being visually pleasing every time you open it, you’ll also know that everything in there is easy to find and ready to use.

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