Discover Garret Decoration Ideas

In this article, we’re going to share garret decoration ideas. If your home has one here's how to make it welcoming and cozy.
Discover Garret Decoration Ideas

Last update: 28 January, 2021

We aren’t going to deny that a garret can be as charming as it is complicated, as it’s one thing to see it in a magazine and another to experience and decorate it. Height doesn’t help its decoration and, sometimes, you have to play Tetris to position the furniture and meet your needs.

In this article, we explain some of the best garret decoration ideas. Are you up to the challenge?

Charming ceilings in a garret

A wooden garret.

A garret is difficult because its height isn’t uniform. This means that you have to find decorative solutions to take advantage of it.

One of its strengths is, undoubtedly, the intimate and cozy atmosphere it can create.

Garrets in all their forms

Another of the garret decoration ideas we decided to share is that it must be consistent with the rest of your house in terms of style, materials, and colors.

One of the variables to take into account is the space since you can make it look wider by using light colors or add a window to make sure natural light enters. It all depends on what you have to work with and the environment you want to create.

Natural garret

A garret with sloped ceilings.

A wooden beamed garret is perfect for creating rustic, bohemian, and organic environments. This ensures warmth, especially if you choose to line the rest of the ceiling in the same wood as the rest of the garret.

White garret

White decoration in a room.

It’s very common for garrets to have little light. To counter this, it’s best to bet on painting it white, even more so if it’s small. Keep in mind that you should also use light colors for the rest of the decoration. Pastel tones are the perfect way to provide light and create a vivid and relaxed space.

Aged wood

A classic wooden garret.

You already know that we love the wood effect. And it’s a total hit in garrets since it gives any room personality!

We love how it looks in bathrooms, and even more so if you add vintage details.

Some considerations regarding garret decoration ideas

A garret with three windows.

The sloped ceilings require certain considerations, especially if you’re going to install a window, which is a great idea that allows you to enjoy starry nights.

Be careful with the insulation, as the cold and the heat can make garrets impossible to spend time in.

A world of possibilities

With imagination, good ideas, and practical solutions, you can turn garrets into bedrooms, play areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and any other warm space. Try out the ideas we offer you to make your sloped ceilings fill your home with magic.

Custom furniture

A library and a couch in a garret.

This is the most effective and practical of the garret decoration ideas we shared in this article. Custom furniture gives you the possibility to take advantage of every inch of your garret. Wardrobes or cupboards are handy and you can combine them with decorative shelves for the lower areas.

Take the height into account

A bright room.

An irregular ceiling can go unnoticed if you know how to place the furniture. For example, in the high areas, leave room for sofas and to move around in. And place a side table in the low ones.

A window to heaven

Sloped ceilings and garret decoration ideas.

Whether on the ceiling or the walls, windows in garrets are classics. As we mentioned above, remember to insulate and look for a winning combination between the material of the ceiling and the color of the walls.

A garret already has a lot of character, so let it shine on its own! Don’t saturate the space with a lot of furniture or with very flashy pieces. Let the warmth and colors stand out!

We love garrets as much as you do. Learn to take advantage of your garret to enjoy all the advantages it has to offer.