Decorative Trends in 2023 for Your Kitchen

Discover the decorative trends in 2023 for your kitchen. Follow our ideas and breathe new life into this important room.
Decorative Trends in 2023 for Your Kitchen

Last update: 12 January, 2023

Discover the latest decorative trends in 2023 for your kitchen. This room is often referred to as the heart of the home and as such, it’s time to do it the justice it deserves. Among our list of trends, you’ll discover how to better distribute the space in this room, and the types of materials and colors you should use.

By following the latest trends for 2023, you’ll be able to give your kitchen an impressive new look. We’ve included some trends that require a complete renovation and others that just require a minimum amount of work. So you can choose the ones that’ll suit your budget and your lifestyle.

Keep reading to discover all the decorative trends in 2023 for your kitchen!

The decorative trends in 2023 that are predicted to prevail include simple changes in kitchen colors and accessories. These are alongside more major works to extend your kitchen and replace the floor. You can follow our tips and choose how you want to change the face of one of the most important rooms in your home.

Among the decorative trends for the kitchen that are imposed in 2023 we find those that are open to the living room.
Among the predicted decorative trends in 2023 for the kitchen are open-plan kitchens that lead straight onto the living room. 

For some years now, open-plan kitchens have been established as a trend that shows no sign of slowing. Say goodbye to the independent kitchen, locked away from the rest of the house, and say hello to the open-plan kitchen connected to the living room.

In 2023, the trend also promotes open and modern kitchens with a highly polished finish. Additionally, wooden floors and built-in appliances will be the protagonists and give a neat feeling to your kitchen, by going unnoticed.

If you want to follow this trend, you may have to consider doing some major work to achieve it.

2. Unite your family with a dining room or an island

As you’ve probably seen, the family theme is very much included in the decorative trends for 2023. When it comes to kitchens, the sense of family, union, and sharing is vitally important. 

That’s why we’ll also see a rise in the popularity of kitchen islands, seating, and tables. It’s clear that round or square tables with four chairs are ideal for larger kitchens.

For their part, islands, tables, and stools that can be hidden below the cabinets are a great space-saving option for small kitchens. In any case, and regardless of the option you choose, this touch will transform your kitchen and prepare it for 2023.

Another decorative trend for the kitchen in 2023 contemplates using greens and blues. These two tones are inspired by nature, adding freshness and vitality to this important room.

You can apply these colors on the walls, depending on the lighting characteristics of the room and the specific tones. You can also use them to renovate your kitchen furniture, where a matte finish will look great.

Breakfast furniture is another prevailing decorative trend for the kitchen in 2023. Everything required to prepare the first meal of the day is stored there, such as the coffee maker, microwave, kettle, plates, and cups.

To stand out, this piece of furniture usually has several shelves and drawers, as well as interior lighting and plugs for electrical appliances. Moreover, these pieces of furniture are usually hidden, so their doors are retractable.

5. Combine different textures on the walls

It is possible to use paint to change the appearance of the tiles, for this you do not need to do a work.
Combining textures and colors is one of the decorative trends for the kitchen in 2023 that you can easily implement.

Say goodbye to the traditional tiles on the walls of your kitchen. Without major work or expense, you can paint your tiles to give the entire room a more modern look.

Furthermore, this idea doesn’t require a huge amount of work or upheaval. You only need tile paint, molds, and vinyl, among other materials that you can think of to transform your kitchen.

6. Efficient and environmentally friendly accessories

The last of the decorative trends for your kitchen in 2023 is connected to the use of efficient and thrifty accessories. Among them are faucets designed to significantly reduce water use on a daily basis. This will positively impact the environment and your water bill.

Also, if you plan to change your appliances, it’s a good idea to buy ones with an electrical efficiency label. You’ll find some modern options on the market that include more efficient cooking systems and washing cycles for example. Some appliances even include Wi-Fi connection for smart use, among other features that you can consider.