Decorative Mistakes to Avoid in Your Dining Room

We'll explain five decorative mistakes to avoid in your dining room. Follow our advice and start getting the most out of this room.
Decorative Mistakes to Avoid in Your Dining Room

Last update: 01 April, 2023

Find out about the decorative mistakes you may be making in your dining room, without realizing it. Avoiding them will make this room appear more harmonious, pleasant, and inviting.

If you suddenly discover that you’re guilty of making these mistakes, don’t worry! The idea, in addition to advising you, is to help you learn how to solve them.

Your dining room: detecting potential decorative mistakes

When you decorate your dining room there are so many options available to you. As such, you must think everything through carefully because some ideas, colors, and furniture simply won’t apply to every dining room. So, this is the first mistake that you need to avoid! Everything you see in magazines isn’t necessarily suitable for your dining room or your lifestyle.

From here on in, there are aspects such as dark-colored walls, oversized tables, and even disorder. Below, we’ll delve into all of these issues and more.

1. Overloading your dining room

One of the most commonly made decorative mistakes in the dining room is overloading it with elements.
One of the most common decorative mistakes in the dining room is overloading it with things.

The first of the decorative mistakes that you may be making has to do with the accumulation of things. This makes the room overloaded, leaving it looking messy and in disarray.

If this is a problem in your dining room, the solution is simple. Start removing things that you no longer want, don’t have a clear function, are broken, and that you don’t need. The same applies to any furniture that’s disproportionate to the size of the room.

2. Wrong dimensions and furniture materials

Another common mistake concerns your choices surrounding the dimensions and materials of your dining room furniture. These have to be aligned with the space you have and with the decorative style you’ve chosen.

For example, if your home has a wooden floor and ceiling, and your walls are in the same tones, a wooden dining table would be the worst possible combination. To solve this, you can change the color of your walls to white and have a table with clean lines to combine wood and metal.

3. Dark walls for small dining rooms

We already briefly mentioned colors, but it’s time to delve deeper. Dark colors are the chromatic nemesis of small rooms (this also applies to any small room in your home). The main reason is that it makes rooms look much smaller than they already are, especially if there are no natural light sources.

If you find light colors boring, then choose a single wall as a focal point and add some patterns or textures. By doing this, you’ll break with monotony without making your room gloomy.

4.  The dining room table: placement

The dining room and kitchen must complement one another. Placing the dining table in an area far away from the kitchen or where it’s difficult to access is a decorative mistake you should avoid. The ideal scenario is to place the table as near as possible to the kitchen so that it’s easier to access when it comes to serving food.

Equally, having a specific cabinet to store your dishes and tableware is important too. Either way, where you place your table is paramount. Particularly if you have an open kitchen with or without an island. You’ll notice that correct placement and a storage cabinet adds more harmony to the room.

5. Too many chairs by the table

Advantages of choosing an extendable dining table.
Extendable tables are a solution for large families, without having to keep a large number of chairs in sight or overloading the room.

Another decorative mistake, especially if your home accommodates a large family, is placing too many chairs around the table.

This makes the dining room appear cramped. If you need a lot of furniture, it’s better to have an extendable or folding table that can be unfolded at specific times. This will save space and maintain order.

In relation to the number of chairs you have at the table, the priority is to make sure that each person can sit comfortably. Don’t forget, the more comfortable a person is, the more time they’ll want to spend there.

Tell us about your decorative mistakes

We’ve shared five decorative mistakes that we are all guilty of making in the dining room. Ultimately, these can downplay and undermine this important room. However, they’re easy to solve, and correcting them will give new life to your dining room and ensure it becomes the main point of convergence.

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