Decorative Bird Cages for your Home

Discover the hot new trend that is decorative bird cages. They'll bring a touch of color, light and freshness to even the darkest corner of your home.
Decorative Bird Cages for your Home

Last update: 25 January, 2019

In this article, we’ll show you how to decorate your home with decorative bird cages. They were originally designed for outdoor spaces, and used to house small birds like budgies or canaries.

Nowadays, however, decorating interiors with these bird cages is all the rage. Plus, you can use them to decorate pretty much anywhere in your home.

They come in a huge range of shapes sizes and colors. While you can simply buy them in stores, you can also create your own bird cages and use them to decorate your home however you want.

Types of bird cages

As we’ve already mentioned, there is a huge variety of bird cages with lots of interesting and original designs. Here we’ll give you some ideas on how you can decorate your bird cages and, in turn, use them to decorate your home.

Bird cages and flowers

Decorate your bird cages with fresh or dried flowers to brighten up your home.

Putting flowers in your bird cage is a really popular decorating trend at the moment. You could use fresh or dried flowers, depending on your own personal taste.

These are really romantic decorations that you can use in and around your home. Plus, you can also use them as dining table centerpieces, for decorating side tables, or for decorating the coffee table in your living room.

Another alternative is to fill your bird cage with a bouquet of dried flowers. If you fill your cage with white, pink and salmon-colored flowers, it will give your room a really romantic touch. Where you put it will depend on the size of the cage and the style of the bouquet you choose.

Light-up cages

Light up your bird cages with lighted garlands, candles or tea lights to give your room a romantic feel.

Decorative bird cages with built-in lights are some of the most popular at the moment. They’ll bring a touch of warmth and romance to your home. Plus, they’re also ideal if you want to decorate your home for a special occasion.

Bird cages with lighted garlands

Lighted garlands are becoming increasingly popular, and we’re seeing them being used more and more in interior decorating. So, using them to decorate your bird cages is a really fantastic idea. Use them to decorate all around the inside of your bird cage, and don’t worry about creating any real order.

Bird cages with candles

Another option is to put small tealights or candles in your bird cages. Use a large decorative candle if you really want it to stand out and light up your home. Bird cages with lights are perfect for centerpieces, and help to create a really special and romantic atmosphere.

Combination bird cages

Combining both flowers and candles will give your bird cages a sweet vintage look.

Combining both lights and flowers in one bird cage is also a really charming look. For example, you could place a lighted garland inside the cage, and decorate the outside with a beautiful chain of flowers. That way, you can combine both elements in one, and create a sense of consistency throughout your home.

Hanging bird cages

Hang your bird cages from the ceiling next to the window to give your home a breath of fresh air.

There are also lots of different hanging birdcage designs that you can use to decorate your home. Fill them with natural plants, dried flowers or candles.

Another really creative option is to decorate two or three decorative cages to match and hang them from the ceiling. Place them near the window and enjoy the touch of freshness they bring to your home.

This type of decorative bird cage is ideal if you want to create a romantic, vintage feel. You can even paint them yourself in your favorite colors so that they go with the rest of your decor.