Decorating with Beautiful Folding Fans

Whether they're fabric, paper or wood, folding fans are beautiful objects that can work wonderfully for interior or exterior decor.
Decorating with Beautiful Folding Fans

Last update: 28 January, 2021

For centuries, folding fans were important fashion accessories, especially in the East where they first originated. Over time, fans became popular in other areas such as interior and exterior decor.

Depending on the material– fabric, wood, paper, plastic– folding fans can create different ambiances. Even today, these dainty objects continue to enchant us with their delicate beauty and historical charm.

Though Spanish semi-circle folding fans are common thanks to their use as a souvenir, there are other types of hand fans as well such as Chinese or Japanese circle fans.


Decorating your fans

  • Though simple, wooden folding fans look incredibly elegant just as they are in certain decor styles: minimalist, Nordic, rustic, etc.
  • Paper fans are fun and colorful for bedrooms. However, people usually use them for party decor.
  • Avoid using plastic folding fans if you’re aiming for an elegant decor. Also steer clear of old, worn out fans as well.
  • If you want to decorate a table or similar furniture piece with a fan, use a holder or base. A fan holder will keep your fan open and upright.
  • You can create beautiful dynamic compositions if you have several fans. Using 3 different-sized fans works really well for this idea.

The key for decorating with folding fans lies in the materials and trying to create compositions.

Feather folding fans

Feather fans can also be a wonderful decor accessory. They can create an air of more or less sophistication depending on their color. Use them in bedrooms, hallways or even sitting rooms.

Here’s an idea: a large fan that has a wooden base with white feathers could look gorgeous on a wall. Hang it a little higher than your sofa or above a horizontal shelf. To make it stand out even more, put it with smaller, plain wooden fans.

folding fans 2

Did you know that peacock feathers were an accessory used by the people on the highest rung of the social ladder in the Far East and India?

Peacock feather fans (real or artificial) are another example of luxury, magic, and beauty. They add an exotic air, and of course color, to decor. If you have a warm-neutral decor, peacock feather fans will look precious in your home.

But if you’re worried about having to take care of the feathers, you have another modern and elegant solution – place them in a glass vase or frame them.

If you use a frame, look for a simple design that doesn’t have ornate details so as to not create competition between the fan and the frame.

However, if you have more than three fans, you’ll have to look for different ways to use them. Framing them all might make your home look like a museum.

Folding fans 3


Large wooden fans can look beautiful on decks or porches. Using them in a Bohemian or romantic decor can give your setting a mysterious and seductive character. They’re definitely great options for creating magical ambiances.

Try out different layouts with your fans until you nail a decor you love. Remember, they also look great in minimalist settings. It all boils down to using the right kind of folding fans.

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