Decorating Tips if You Share an Apartment

Are you moving out from your childhood home? In this article, discover some basic decorating tips if you share an apartment.
Decorating Tips if You Share an Apartment

Last update: 15 December, 2019

Are you moving out of your childhood home? The time has come for you to become independent. In this process, your first step is probably to share an apartment. This is a very exciting time, as the freedom you always dreamed of is finally a reality. However, it can be challenging regarding tastes, organization, and cleanliness. It’s possible to decorate if you share an apartment taking everyone’s tastes into account.

Furniture to decorate if you share an apartment

A large sofa

An L-shaped grey couch.

One of the best places to spend time with others is the living room. This is the common area where you’ll spend time together and where you’ll hang out with the friends who come over. In addition, it’s the perfect space to clear your mind and to avoid spending your idle hours locked in your bedroom. This is why you should make sure your sofa is very big, so there’s enough space for everyone.

Privacy, please

A shelf to divide spaces.

In living areas, you can put a sliding door or screen that gives some privacy to a makeshift table that serves as the office or separate the living room from the dining room if any of you have guests and the others want to go unnoticed.


A dining room table.

Although you and your roommates may not coincide much due to your schedules, it’s important to have a big dining table if you share an apartment. Not only for group meals and guests, but also because it can be a multifunctional area where you all can work, dedicate some time to your projects, or do arts and crafts.

In the entrance hall

A coat rack.

When you enter your home, it’s important for everyone to have their own space to hang their coats. Put up a coat rack and some wooden pallets and customize them, so that everyone will know which space belongs to them.

The bathroom

A bathroom decorated in orange tones.

One of the most important places when it comes to decorating if you share an apartment is the bathroom. You must have enough space for everyone’s things and make sure it’s organized and practical at the same time.

We suggest that you keep your cosmetics and your personal hygiene products in your bedroom. This way, you won’t spend a long time in the bathroom and you don’t have to wait for others to clear it so you can get ready.

Your bedroom

An original bedroom.

This will be your kingdom, the place you can decorate and organize however you like. Keep in mind that this is the only place you have to store a lot of things, so opt for multipurpose furniture such as sofas, cabinets, bookcases, and shelves, among others.

A desk is a must, as you can use it to work, get ready to go out, and as a dresser; you just need a big mirror you can look into every day. In addition, it’s one of the decorative elements that provides spaciousness.

Organization when it comes to decorating if you share an apartment

Beyond the furniture you’ll need, it’s important that everyone knows the routines and schedules and that you work as a team to ensure that the apartment is always tidy and avoid arguments.

You can’t bring everything with you

Moving boxes.

This is a temporary place and you won’t have all the space you need. Therefore, you have to really think about what you’ll be taking with you and what you can keep at your family home or a storage room. Old notes, memories, pictures… Do you think you need them?

An organizational meeting

A neat kitchen.

So you don’t buy duplicate things, try to discover what you need and what the rest of your roommates can bring. Especially in the kitchen, as you won’t want to have five frying pans and no pots.

Chore distribution

A task calendar.

Avoid discussions as much as possible. For this, it’s best to distribute the chores and leave your chore agreement well-reflected in a location that’s visible to all: a blackboard in the kitchen, on a calendar in your fridge… You’ll know what works best for you.

Leave everything in writing

A shopping list.

You have to make a list where everyone can write down what runs out in your pantry. This way, you won’t forget everything and the person responsible for going grocery shopping can buy exactly what you all need.

Messages of encouragement, reminders when one of the roommates is going to have a party, or notes to inform something important to your roommates are always good extras.

This is mine

Labeled jars.

One of the typical arguments between people who share an apartment is regarding roommates who don’t respect the other’s things. Label everything, especially the things in the fridge, to avoid fights.

Decorating if you share an apartment has certain peculiarities, where order, communication, and respect are very important. Invest in a blackboard or make a WhatsApp group so that you’re always communicating and set the record straight right from the beginning.

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