Creating a Private Space for Yourself at Home

If you need a private space at home to connect with yourself and find peace here are some ideas.
Creating a Private Space for Yourself at Home

Last update: 02 August, 2020

Work, social life, children, money, the news… These are a few of many things that stress you out. If you need a place to relax, keep reading. Here are a few ideas for creating a private space for yourself at home.

IKEA, along with psychiatrist Patricia Ramírez Loeffler, give you a few tips to create a peaceful corner in your home.

A person relaxing in their private space.

Connecting with yourself

Hyperconnectivity and doubt are so common nowadays and can give all sorts of mixed feelings. That’s why it’s important to have a moment of peace when you come home. Nothing’s better than a private space for yourself to practice relaxation.

A private and very special place

A good idea to start connecting with yourself is having a private and special place to disconnect from everything, but don’t overcomplicate things. It’s about finding a quiet corner to sit by yourself and read or just unwind.

A key aspect of this is finding a place with natural light, for example, a patio, a terrace, or a place near a window that lets the sunshine in. You can add a few special objects that inspire you and help you remember the good times, giving you joy and positive energy.

Make your bedroom into a personal private space

If there’s a place that can give you special privacy, it’s your room. With a few pillows or cushions, you can turn your bed into a comfortable place to read, listening to music, or a podcast.

Also, you can create a relaxing place with an armchair and a lamp, or use a small desk to focus on your writing or watch something on your laptop.

“When you dedicate time to conscious rest, your neurons activate well above average, this means that active rest activates more nuerons. Your brain seizes the moment when you aren’t doing anything, when you’re not aware of anything or using your cognitive functions to make decisions or focus on something, to regenerate, recycle and store what’s learned. Cognitive rest, like sleep, improves your cognitivie functions.”

-Patricia Ramírez Loeffler-

A white bedroom with a hammock.

Develop awareness and focus in your private space

Another thing you can do to find that time for peace and connecting with yourself is to do activities that require absolute focus, like yoga, meditation, or mindfulness.

You focus on what you’re doing at that time and forget, for a minute, about everything else. You can define this private space in your bedroom or the living room, with incense, a few aromatic candles, flowers… Play some relaxing music to try and learn how to dominate your mind.

If you have children, draw and paint mandalas with them. They’ll be entertained and you all will work on complete awareness and brain flexibility.

If you like to read, here are a few tips to create a reading nook at home. Also, this is a good way to rest your brain and nourish your mind with inspirational stories. Add an armchair, light, and a little creativity, and you’ll see how good it looks.

A bathroom can be a relaxing and private space.

Personal care

Sometimes, you have responsibilities that make you feel overwhelmed, but you should find time for yourself. There’s no better place for this than your bathroom, where you can have a spa treatment that makes you glow. How about a moisturizing mask? A pedicure or a manicure? Or try that tutorial to curl your hair!

You need to keep everything tidy and at hand in your closet, so do the same and keep your bathroom clean and in order too. This will be a comforting activity.

“Even though we’re social beings, selfcare, emotional balance and selfrespect improve when you spend time with yourself.”

-Patricia Ramírez Loeffler-