Create Extra Space at Home with Space Dividers

If you're thinking about installing walls or room dividers for your home to gain some extra space, read our post today to know the different options.
Create Extra Space at Home with Space Dividers

Last update: 25 January, 2019

Dividing rooms or enclosing spaces is a great way to make the most of space that you have at home. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy the rooms all-year-long, regardless of the weather. In our post today, we’ll explain how to create some extra space by using dividers or enclosures.

They can come in different forms to cover a family’s specific needs or a home’s characteristics. The kind that you choose for your home will also depend on what you’re planning to use them for; trying to create extra space in general isn’t the same thing as trying to win extra meters for a room.

Below, we’ll show you the different kinds of ways to divide or enclose spaces in your home to cater to your needs. We’re sure that you’ll find the one that suits your home the best.

Patio glass curtain wall for more space

In the realm of enclosures, glass curtain walls are one of the hotter trends these days. They let you completely isolate your patio or balcony without blocking it out from sight. The different panels that make up the glass curtains are interconnected, which means you don’t need any other parts to connect them together. That translates into continuity and the results are very visually pleasing.

Space 1

On a different note, glass curtain walls can also insulate your home from noise and cold weather. As for their installation, it’s simple. They don’t require a big project; you just need to install some upper and lower frames to hold the glass panels.

Glass curtains are made with tempered glass, which means that they’re resilient to impact. It’s a material that guarantees complete safety and a long product-life.

Among the different kinds of glass curtain walls, you can find several kinds:

  • Fixed glass curtain walls. These kinds of enclosures act like a glass wall that you can’t turn or open. They’re perfect for enclosing balconies or hallways.
  • Folding glass curtain walls. Folding class curtain walls can either work as a sliding door or a screen. They’re great for enclosing porches while maintaining an opening to the outdoors. These kinds of glass curtains also allow you to keep your porch enclosed during colder months and open during hotter ones.

Sliding doors to enjoy your porch

Sliding doors are one of the more classic options for enclosures. They’re perfect for homes that have a living room that leads right to the backyard. Sliding doors don’t take up any space, which means that you can take advantage of every meter that you have.

They open and close easily; additionally, they’re made with very strong materials. You can also find them in various finished, helping you match them with any main colors in a room.

Space 2

Sliding doors create a spacious ambiance because their transparency takes you straight to the backyard. They also allow plenty of sunlight to fill the room.

The biggest inconvenience of these doors, however, is the fact that they don’t insulate very well. Over time, they fail to close properly, allowing the cold and grime to pass through. Unlike a conventional door, sliding doors don’t shut very tightly.

If you go with sliding doors, we recommend choosing one that’s double glazed for better insulation. You’ll also have to clean the frames often to keep dirt and grime from building up, ensuring that they shut properly.

Divide your backyard with a screen

The last idea on our list for gaining some extra space at home is a screen that divides your backyard. A screen will let you divide your living room from your backyard or connect them.

Space 3

This idea is perfect for the seasons when the weather is really nice. You can enjoy your living room and backyard space with sofas or armchairs all in the same area. It’d also be the perfect area for gatherings or home parties. Your guests can stay together while being in different areas of your home.

If you want to connect the two areas, just tuck the screen away in a corner and it won’t take up any space. The glass panels will just fold onto each other.

However, the biggest downside of using a screen is that depending on the climate of where live, you may or may not be able to make the most of a screen. If you do leave it opened often, you’ll have to clean your living room frequently because dirt and dust will blow in regularly from the outside.

With these space dividing and enclosing ideas, you can create more space easily!