Bedroom Decor Ideas for a Young Couple

Discover some ideas to decorate your bedroom. Perfect for a young couple, our ideas will inspire you to find your own style and reflect your personality.
Bedroom Decor Ideas for a Young Couple

Last update: 25 October, 2022

A young couple needs their bedroom to reflect freshness and modernity. So, today, we’ll share some decor ideas for a young couple to achieve their goals.

Read this article and take on board the advice that best suits you both. Equally, you can discover what you and your partner will need to have for a brand new bedroom. Beyond following trends, remember that it’s so important to give your private and personal space personality and character.

Simple decor ideas for a young couple’s bedroom

Take careful note and if you and your partner identify with these ideas, put them into action. Enjoy imagining how your bedroom will look with each of the options that we provide!

It is a good idea to decorate a bedroom of a young couple with a botanical wallpaper.
It’s a good idea to use botanical wallpaper when it comes to decor ideas for a young couple’s bedroom.

1. Decorate with original wallpaper

Young couples love disruptive, elegant, and sober rooms. Therefore, when it comes to decorating your bedroom, choose wallpaper with original motifs.

To implement this decor idea, firstly choose one wall, preferably the wall where the bed is, to hang your wallpaper. The current trend uses fresh and dynamic botanical motifs and without a doubt, this wall will be the center of attention.

In addition to creating a focal point, the gaze is diverted away from any imperfections in the bedroom that you don’t want others to notice.

2. Decor ideas for a young couple: a headboard

If you and your partner feel that a focal wall is too much, you can opt for a striking headboard instead. Choose one according to your tastes, although botanical motifs are still an option.

Another idea is choosing a headboard with a unique tone, but one that’s strong and striking. Nowadays you can buy panels that you can install yourself. These are ideal if you have a large bedroom and you want to regularly change the layout.

3. A metal-framed mirror

A mirror is a vital accessory for any bedroom. However, when it comes to a young couple, a metal frame adds a touch of modernity.

Now, the frame can be smooth, with an aged touch, black, white or with very subtle and elegant engravings.

Mirrors should never be missing in the decoration of a bedroom for a young couple.
Mirrors are an important part of all bedroom decor.  

4. Choose Nordic-style furniture

If you’re going to have furniture in your bedroom, think white and choose items in a Nordic style. This decorative trend relates to youth and elegance.

Although this style can feel very cold, you can easily fix this by adding decorative accessories such as a footboard, rugs, curtains, and other natural fiber textiles.

5. Carpet around the bed

Another of our decor ideas for a young couple has to do with elements that add warmth to the bedroom. Among them, opt for a Berber carpet, which is compatible with boho decoration.

These woolen rugs or carpets are similar to the Moroccan style and are usually handmade. In addition, they’re characterized by unique and striking designs, not to mention that they’re comfortable, soft, and warm.

6. Bring nature indoors

Having plants in bedrooms is very fashionable. Equally, they have some great advantages too, adding freshness and naturalness to any room. In fact, some species have the ability to purify the air and offer more oxygen. Some can even help to absorb moisture.

Opt for an ivy, a beautiful fern, a ribbon, or some beautiful sansevierias. By doing this, you’ll have a summer bedroom all year long.

What do you think of our decor ideas for a young couple’s bedroom?

Take our ideas and implement the ones you like the most. Discuss them with your partner and choose a style that you both agree on. Don’t forget to add your personal touch and remember that both of you should be comfortable with the space you share. Enjoy every step of the transformation!