Art Deco – A Trend Full of Elegant Details

January 9, 2020
Today we want to show you an elegant, classy and anything but boring decor style. Art deco is back! Read about all the decor keys for bringing it into your home.

Art deco is a decor style that’s withstood the test of time by continually reinventing itself. It’s influenced architecture, the arts, interior design, and even industrial design. It finds inspiration in cubism, futurism and the Bauhaus style. Today, let’s take a closer look at this amazing decor style and apply it to home decor.

After art nouveau took center stage at the end of the 19th century, art deco stepped onto the scene and really took off in the twenties. The new decor style sought to modernize the era and add a pinch of glamour to settings. Metallic details, geometrical designs and color contrasts are all characteristic elements of art deco.

The keys to art deco

Geometrical design

art deco geometrical

Geometrical shapes are a solid part of this decor and they especially are common on wallpaper and accessories, such as desk lamps or patterned rugs.


art deco color

The color palette for these spaces is based on neutral colors and contrast. Black and white are the star combination and this looks especially great on floors.

Black is also the color of choice for elegant furniture pieces. These can feature shiny metallic details in gold or silver.

art deco metallic

Brass is undoubtedly the star material in art deco decor. Side-tables, elegant beds and dressers with a mirror finish can add plenty of sophistication to any room.

Elements to include in an art deco setting

art deco elements

Velvet is a textile that covers armchairs and couches with elegance. Dark colors, such as cobalt blue or olive green, are wonderful choices.

Marble and parquet

art deco marble

Black and white marble flooring or parquet is very characteristic of art deco. Cover the floor with big rugs with a diamond or hexagon design. Exotic rugs are also an excellent choice.


art deco lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect in this decor style as it transmits the characteristic elegance and opulence of the era. Though the chrome, bronze and glass designs are simple, they’re very original. Bronze or silver wall lamps are also a great idea for creating this decor style.

Cosmopolitan decor

art decor cosmopolitan

This decor style loves defined lines. A nice, curvy couch will be one of your best investments. As for the textiles, look for silk and bold, somber colors like wine red.

Mahogany is a popular wood for art deco. It’s strong, elegant and has a distinct reddish tone.

Decorative details

art deco details

Upholstered button-tufted designs for armchairs, bed headboards or even dining room chairs are also popular. Mirror finishes, as we mentioned previously, are another detail of art deco. Imagine a cabinet with mirror doors –  it couldn’t be more stylish.

Egyptian-style details like sphinxes, hieroglyphics or anything else that takes you to the land of pyramids and pharaohs are all part of this style. In addition, look for decor accessories with big peacock feathers– real or fake– or bronze sculptures as centerpieces.

These are just a handful of the decor keys for creating an art deco setting. They all create true elegance with a retro yet modern vibe, full of details that make art deco stand out from other decor styles.

This decor is special and original. So, how about bringing art deco into your home decor?