Anti-Stress Home Decor

Yes, home decor can be another way to relax. So today, we've prepared the best tips for creating anti-stress home decor.
Anti-Stress Home Decor

Last update: 07 February, 2020

When you come home, you arrive with a need to leave your long work day, worries and business behind– you need to recharge. Thus, creating anti-stress home decor is essential. Your home needs to be a place that helps you reconnect with yourself. You can create positive decor by using the right materials, colors, and layout. Ready to relax?

What your home needs to provide a relaxing environment


anti stress needs

Light is one of the most important elements in creating positive settings. Light, especially natural light, has a big impact on mood and can help you feel more optimistic and serene.

So, let’s bring our attention to the windows and curtains. Windows, curtains, colors and light fixtures that can provide artificial light when necessary all represent important decisions.

  • Light fixtures: set up multiple light sources and use warm lighting. Avoid direct lights that create shadows and have dim lighting options. Light-intensity regulators are a great choice.
  • Curtains: use a curtain and shade system. It’ll allow you to draw your curtains and night while allowing natural light to flow through during the day. Choose a combination of light and heavier fabric– you’ll love how they look together.

Colors for an anti-stress decor

anti stress colors

You already know what the right color palette can do for your home. Color plays an even bigger role if you’re looking for peace. Colors can transmit special energies and fill spaces with them.

The best colors for anti-stress home decor are green— helps you relax immediately while filling you with positive energy–, pink– delicate and harmonious shades–, or Living Coral, which is the color of the year. Living Coral represents joy and hope.

Materials for an anti-stress home

anti stress materials

Take care of your surroundings the same way you take care of yourself. Analyze the materials you use to decorate your home. Choose natural materials like wood and trace back their sources. Use natural fibers, cotton, stone, etc. as well.

Say yes to nature

anti stress nature

Don’t forget to add plants here and there. And if they’re natural, even better! Aside from decorating, plants do a great job of purifying their surroundings.

Organizing and cleaning

anti stress organizing

Outer appearances reflect what’s on the inside. Thus, keeping your home in order is essential. Check out all of Marie Kondo’s tips for breathing in peace and keeping homes in harmony. And remember, don’t let things accumulate because they’ll only create more stress – throw out, donate and recycle.

Meanwhile, the way you clean your home also reflects who you are. Remember, your home is your temple. Taking care of your temple will bring you more peace than you can ever imagine.

Small moments for yourself

anti stress moments

An anti-stress home decor should allow you to unwind in your personal manner. Are you a bookworm? Set up a corner where you can enjoy a good book. Or, if you unwind by mediating, set up a meditation area. Need to get in shape? Arrange an area where you can exercise.

The bottom line is fitting what you need to relax. Speaking of relaxing, bathrooms play a crucial role because they can be a home spa.

Kitchens, a fountain of peace

anti stress kitchen

You prepare your meals in your kitchen, which is exactly why it’s so important to keep it clean and sanitary. Keep your kitchen organized and fill it with quality ingredients that can nourish you. Cooking and eating should be a joy.


anti stress bedroom

Apply the same color and material principles we mentioned earlier to your bedroom. But here’s another important tip – say no to electronic devices. They have a negative impact on rest so keep them out of your bedroom.

Now breathe in and fill your body with positive energy. Relax and enjoy your anti-stress home decor. You won’t believe how refreshed you’ll feel.