An Intelligent Skillet: High Tech in the Kitchen

Are you using high tech in your kitchen yet? Why not try it?
An Intelligent Skillet: High Tech in the Kitchen

Last update: 26 November, 2020

It’s time to equip your kitchen with an intelligent skillet. Experts consider it a good way to perfect your culinary skills.

To make the best dishes, you should use quality cookware. That’s why you’re going to learn about different types of intelligent skillets: high tech in the kitchen that gets excellent results.

When you have guests, you want to show them that you’re a good host. To do this, you need to surprise them with quality products and recipes that are the ultimate of an authentic chef.

These days we have different technological resources that make life easy. In the home, more and more products are being introduced that show modern progress. Fortunately, these help you to achieve a level of well-being and personal comfort.

Pantelligent – the intelligent frying pan

Photo of Elly Fairytale in Pexels

Obviously, there’s a clear difference with conventional skillets. They’re no longer continually used in cooking. Also, they tend to burn your food. So we’re introducing artificial intelligence in the home.

Through means of a cellphone application and Bluetooth, you can learn how you should cook your food and when it will be done. Additionally, it tells you how long to cook it, when to turn it over, what is the exact cooking time and the way to prepare it.

At the same time, this pan has a temperature sensor, telling you if it’s too hot or if you need to add oil at a specific time. It informs you of steps to take and sends notifications of what to do at all times.

  A convenient and efficient system that continually updates you even if you aren’t in the kitchen.

Revolution in the kitchen

If you don’t want to complicate your life, but at the same time you want to be a good cook, you have the option of using a skillet that’s considered high tech. Maybe you aren’t a great cook, but you don’t need to be to get the best results.

One of the great innovations is SmartyPans, a totally revolutionary pan that has all kinds of benefits. Let’s look at some of its virtues:

  1. Just like the above example, it works by an application with which it’s continually in contact. That’s why your cellphone will be the tool that’s in direct contact with the skillet.
  2. The sensors send information continually to your phone so you can see what’s occurring step by step. They also tell you where the food is cooking, what it needs, if the process is going well, etc. It continually gives you updates about everything.
  3. What’s more, it includes data such as the weight of the food, the moisture level, if the temperature is too high, or if it should be higher. In fact, it can let you know what you can add to improve the flavor.
  4. It measures the time. Simply tell the pan what you want to prepare and how you want to do it. As an extra, it’s easy to clean and lasts a long time.
  5. Even more impressive, it can follow directions, step by step to achieve exceptional results. The pan will be the source of information that’ll guide you the entire time.

Control and safety with Thermo-Spot – an intelligent skillet

Rice, chicken and broccoli dish in a frying pan

Photo of Keegan Evans in Pexels

Speaking of intelligent skillets, you also have the option of another one called Thermo-Spot from Tefal. This is a useful accessory to control the time. Its distinctive characteristic is the temperature indicator.

An indicator on the bottom part changes color as it heats the food. When the indicator disappears you can begin to cook. You end up with a completely red surface.

                                                                  The way to get an exquisite result.

Why should you get an intelligent skillet?

Once you’ve seen some types of intelligent skillets, it’s good to think about why you should choose a high tech appliance. Obviously, you’ll find truly innovative resources that can change your life.

Having maximum comfort and obtaining the best results offers you the ability to be a good cook. In fact, it’s a way of showing your family and others that you’re in tune with the latest trends. It’s definitely worth it to invest in and update your kitchen. So enjoy life and try it!








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