7 Simple and Creative Ways to Store Your Purses

Finding a place to store your purses can be a headache. However, there are many simple ways you can do so.
7 Simple and Creative Ways to Store Your Purses

Last update: 24 March, 2021

Are you looking for efficient solutions to create more storage space in your home? Out of everything you own, accessories, especially purses, tend to be the biggest headache. In this article, we’ll suggest some simple yet creative ways to store your purses.

Don’t just toss your purse into the corner of your closet. It’s likely to become forgotten, dusty, or flattened. We’re going to explore several alternatives that fit all needs.

Store your purses the right way

Put your purses in cute little compartments.

How many times have you forgotten about that purse tossed into a corner of your closet? Your answer is probably “too many times to count”. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one who does this. The problem lies with lack of storage space and feasible solutions to actually fix the problem.

If you love collecting purses but don’t know where or how to store them, don’t worry. You’re in the right place because we’ll help you.

1. Purses on wheels

The popular RÅSKOG cart from IKEA works for everything. It’s practical and stylish, so make it your best friend.

Its three shelves are wide enough to store your purses. In addition, its wheels allow you to move the cart from one spot to another. If you paint it in colors that stand out, you’ll get perfect results.

2. A basket to store your purses

What more could you ask for with a natural fiber basket? It’s perfect for storing your purses and keeping them at hand yet out of sight. Plus, baskets have great decorative qualities.

Place a large covered basket in one corner of your bedroom. They make your room look chic and provide storage for your purses.

3. Tailor-made solutions

There are hangers for pants, skirts, blouses, and yes, even purses. You may not have gone out of your way to find them, but they’re an ideal solution. They require little space, and you can hang them in your hall closet for more accessibility.

Use the shelves in your closet to store your purses.

4. Store your purses behind a door

If you prefer to keep your purses hidden, there are rigid hangers with several hooks to install behind your door without drilling holes. What’s more, you can even hang it inside your closet. They definitely accommodate a lot of purses.

You can find them in small and simple formats on Amazon. There are even some hangers with 14 hooks. Not a bad deal!

5. A coat rack

You can use a coat rack to hang your purses, especially the ones you use the most. Who says they’re only good for hanging coats? Place the rack at the front of your home so you can easily grab the purse on your way out.

6. A shelf in your closet

If you have enough space, clear out a shelf in your closet. That way, your purses will be well-protected and always accessible.

Of course, you must organize them a certain way so they don’t topple over and end up on the floor. There are plastic dividers so that each purse has its own compartment.

7. Mesh baskets

Are you looking for something you can store several purses in? If so, mesh baskets are perfect. You can put them on closet doors and fill them with your smaller bags.

These are just some of the simplest ways to store your purses. Of course, there are many more. There are a wide variety of specific accessories on Amazon that achieve the same objective.

Choose the best option for your needs. Try to keep your purses organized and the ones you use the most within reach.

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