6 Tips to Decorate a Room in the Zen Style

Try decorating your bedroom in the Zen style.
6 Tips to Decorate a Room in the Zen Style

Last update: 14 July, 2020

Today we’ll show you how to achieve perfect harmony and balance in your bedroom using the Zen style.

There’s nothing like our own house to find peace and tranquility in the stressful times that we live in. That’s why the Zen style has become hugely popular and a way to eliminate stress. So today, we’ll check out a way to decorate a bedroom in the Zen style.

Zen is a Japanese term that means the art of meditation. In design, it signifies harmony, equilibrium, and relaxation. In fact, it isn’t so much a decorative style, but more of a way to organize our rooms to reduce stress.

You can begin to apply these simple steps in your own home and with your current decor. You can use many of the things you already have in your home. Let’s take a look.

1. The Zen style bedroom – earth tones

A tan bed with white sheets

The colors of the Zen style are natural tones that suggest the earth, roots, and origins. Use natural colors in soft tones, like stone colors, dark olive, grays, beiges, pinks, and white.

It’s very important to have chromatic harmony with all of the decorative elements. Also important is to have visual continuity with the walls, the furniture, and the floor. You can accomplish this by combining elements of the same tone or playing with modifying your favorite color.

2. The effect of soft floors

Zen bedroom with a platform bed

Wood is essential in order to achieve the desired effect in a Zen style bedroom. Especially effective are light-colored or white wooden floors. At the same time, covering the floor with wood and a fluffy wool rug will provide comfort.

There can be one rug or several. Especially important is that they are of natural materials and match with the colors of the decor. Colors such as dark olive, grays, or beige are ideal.

3. Light and natural fabrics for the Zen style

Bedroom with white walls and earth tones

The fabrics in a Zen style room should be natural. Particularly interesting in this type of decor are the window treatments. They provide intimacy and a type of retreat.

We recommend that you choose simple ones that go with the rest of the fabrics in the room, such as the bedding. If you want to give it a more sophisticated touch, you can combine the curtains with Venitian blinds that filter the intensity of the light according to your taste.

4. Simple and natural furniture for a Zen style bedroom

Simple Zen style bedroom with plain furniture.

Furniture in the Zen style has pure and simple lines without any details or exaggerated designs. It’s possible that you already have armoires or other pieces of furniture that are suitable. You can paint or finish them to go with the base color that you’ve chosen within the palette of Zen style colors.

You’ll achieve a feeling of important balance with two small nightstands decorated the same way creating symmetry.  Since this is a minimalist style, you should shy away from excess. In addition, you need to avoid filling the bed with cushions and focus on pillows of different sizes.

5. Plants and natural aromas

Room with lots of green plants in the Zen style

A pair of green plants are perfect to give an extra touch of relaxation to your Zen style bedroom. But you must be careful not to choose plants with a lot of flowers. Green plants, bonsai, hanging terrariums, or orchids are great choices for this style.

Aromatic candles, high-quality incense, and essential oils are a must in the Zen style. In addition, you can combine more subtle aromas and relaxants when you want to rest with other more invigorating aromas. These are perfect when waking up and preparing for the day.

6. Away from chaos and electronic annoyances

Bedroom in earth tones in the Zen style

The most important part of this style is the energy. You should reduce accessories to a minimum and leave only what is essential. The objective is to achieve a feeling of order and cleanliness.

Something else that you should be aware of in maintaining the Zen style is to avoid having cables and excessive connections in the room.

Enjoy your Zen style bedroom!

Zen style bedroom with minimal furniture.

As you can see, this is a fairly simple style to create. You only need a little paint, some new fabric, and to dispose of everything you don’t need. Then regulate the light in your room. All of this, together with small adjustments in your electronic devices and some aromatic candles, and your Zen style bedroom is ready.

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