5 Ways to Decorate by Crocheting

If you like to crochet, you need to know these ideas on crochet decor for your home.
5 Ways to Decorate by Crocheting

Last update: 21 May, 2019

If you love the world of DIY, then you’re going to love decorating with crochet. Your crocheted pieces will add color to your home.

If you’re not familiar with crochetit’s a type of yarn handiwork that uses a hooked needle. It’s not complicated, which leads experts to think that it was used in ancient civilizations.

Crocheting requires a specific kind of needle: it’s short and, depending on how wide the yarn is, might be made of aluminium, wood, steel or plastic. This needle is called a “hook”.

As you’ll read later on in our post today, crochet (as well as macrame) is currently a popular trend in interior design. With crochet, you could decorate any area in your home, regardless of if you use an actual crocheted piece in a specific area or not. We’d like to give you some ideas.

1. Decorating your walls with crocheted pieces

If you have white walls and want to add a little color, you can opt for more colorful material. On the other hand, if you have different colored walls, materials of a lighter color will look better, like soft or pastel colors.

crochet white

There are plenty of ways to decorate by crocheting. First, you can make a decorative garland, like crocheted hearts. They’ll look lovely near your bed headboard or on a wall in your living room.

Another idea is using crocheting on a circular frame. If you hang it with feathers and beads, it’ll look like a dream-catcher.

But maybe that’s not something that interests you. So instead, you can crochet a rectangular or square piece to hang from a bar on your upper part of your wall, like a curtain or tapestry. If you have a queen-sized bed, you can crochet a rectangular piece to use as a headboard.

2. Add some color to your living room

Another option consists of crocheting pillow covers for your living room or bedroom pillows. It might not seem obvious at first, but they’ll look great on contemporary style sofas. You only have to keep a stylistic balance.

You can make or buy floral pillowcases. Some people add tassels or pompoms to the corners. You can try the same idea with rugs.

We’re seeing more and more poofs to help create comfy settings. So, try using them for more than your chill out space and adding them to the rest of your home interior design.

crochet living room

3. Blankets and throws for the bedroom

Who hasn’t seen a crocheted blanket or throw at some point? We’re talking about a piece that’s coming back into style, here. They’re very resistant and easy to wash as well.

They were a common sight years ago, and you’ve probably seen one at your grandparent’s house. And you know now that you can make your own easily.

You can also keep them neatly folded up on your couch to use as a plaid. There are many designs and colors to choose from, so you’ll find one that best suits your home.

4. Crochet more storage spaces

We’re referring to colorful baskets that you can crochet. You can use them to put away toys, magazines or to hold clothes for ironing.

If you use a set of differently colored and sized baskets together, they’ll make a fantastic decor piece; place them on a low shelf, on the floor in a specific order, etc.

But if you wanted something different; make cases to line boxes, jars or demijohns You could give them a new look without having to spend a fortune.

crochet cases

5. Crocheted baby accessories

Lastly, we’d like to dedicate a small section of our post to our younger readers: decorating a baby’s room is also simple to do with crocheting. We’ve already explained some options above: blankets, rugs, pillows, adornments…

In baby rooms though, we also often see colorful objects that are  hung at different heights. They look wonderful on white walls. There are also mobiles, to visually stimulate our little ones or lamps decorated with crochet… there are all kinds of possibilities.

And of course, we mustn’t forget about crocheted dolls (little animals, cacti and other plants…) whether we put them on shelves, on the bed or peeping out of a basket…

We hope that you liked our ideas and that you can find some inspiration in them. Remember that there are a lot of options out there. More and more people are getting into crochet and what’s more, it even has several health benefits. If you’re a fan of these kinds of crafts, yarn therapy probably won’t be new news to you.