5 Types of Tablecloths That are Creating a Trend

Tablecloths are perfect for elegant lunches or informal dinners. Are you ready to learn about the five types of tablecloths that are creating a trend? These tablecloths are currently in high demand.
5 Types of Tablecloths That are Creating a Trend

Last update: 25 January, 2022

Your living room or dining room table will benefit from having an additional distinguished and original feature. There’s no doubt that tables play a certain role in the space where they’re located and it’s for this reason, that we’re going to discover five types of tablecloths that are creating a trend.

When we welcome visitors and guests into our homes, it’s important to be a good host and offer them something to drink or eat. This implies using a table, so it naturally becomes a central point for our hospitality.

Nowadays, there are different types of tablecloths that allow for decorating a space and attracting focus. Its aesthetics must correctly adapt to the harmony of the whole room, therefore, you need to know how to create this combinatorial process.

1. Silk tablecloths: fineness and delicacy

silk tablecloths
Image: pinterest.es

Among the most elegant typologies with a more subtle aesthetic, silk tablecloths stand out. The texture is undoubtedly smooth and delicate and it’s for this reason that it’s recommended for decorative use only. Silk can deteriorate if its use is excessive.

In the event that you want to use it for mealtimes, use it for special occasions only because regular washing may damage the material.

You can buy silk tablecloths in both plain and bright colors, although white is the most common. It’s quite usual to find this material in table runners. Moreover, they can have trims made of bobbin lace or even tassels and pompoms.

2. Prints: give your table a theme

Tablecloth types: print
Image: pinterest.es

One way to set your style and your table is by using a printed tablecloth. The materials available are varied, although cloth and plastic tend to predominate. Let’s see the three most abundant themes:

  1. One of the most common prints involves food items such as fruits, vegetables, and pastries. This design fits perfectly in a kitchen.
  2. Another print possibility is realistic photographs of cities, landscapes, and objects. There are even companies dedicated to capturing and printing personalized images onto tablecloths.
  3. Finally, we must mention prints with linear, geometric, or abstract designs. They tend to go unnoticed but they can easily complement the rest of your decor.

3. Pastel colored tablecloths give a calm appearance

plain tablecloth
Image: pinterest.es

Pastel colors tend to offer a soft, calm, simple, and pale aesthetic. They don’t reflect stridency nor are they excessively out of tune. In fact, they can combine well with one another. Think pink with green, blue with ivory, and purple with off-white.

Its use can be applied on plain tablecloths, without any type of print. However, they can also be found in typologies with geometric or linear designs.

Garden tablecloths are usually found in pastel colors precisely because they help to create a more relaxed atmosphere without losing elegance. Equally, they adapt to any type of event including gala dinners, informal gatherings, and family celebrations.

4. Checks for an Italian touch

italian tablecloth
Image: pinterest.es

It’s commonplace to see red checkered tablecloths in Italian restaurants. They’ve been consecrated as a distinctive symbol of the places where we go to eat pasta. However, this tablecloth typology has a much broader horizon.

Of course, there are those with checks in other colors such as blue, pink, and green and also those with black lines and red squares for a more alternative and carefree character. Equally, we can find tablecloths with simple white lines on a black background.

The format that’s most commonly known is checkered and is in two colors, with one color being the most predominant. Even so, there are also polychromes or other check variants.

5. Laminated tablecloths are useful for everyday life

Tablecloth types: plastic
Image: pinterest.es

Laminated tablecloths are easier to clean and suffer less wear and tear. This material stands up to daily use and can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove stains and collect crumbs. Compared to the previous materials we’ve discussed, laminate is cheaper and more functional.

It’s usually commonly found in homes for students, single or young people, mainly because it’s more informal. Although this also depends on the type of colors or the theme it contains.

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