5 Tricks to Naturally Cool Down Your House in Minutes

In the summer, your house can get too hot and the heat can be oppressive. So it's a good idea to know some tricks that can help!
5 Tricks to Naturally Cool Down Your House in Minutes

Last update: 11 January, 2021

In the summer, it gets hot inside because of the high temperatures outside. In addition to air conditioning, there are other ways to help make your house more habitable. So let’s take a look at 5 tricks to naturally cool down your house.

Everyone knows what it’s like not to be completely comfortable at home. Generally, most people can handle the cold, but what about heat? Can you truly be comfortable if you’re too hot? Let’s consider some ways to resolve this problem!

It’s hard when you’re not comfortable in your own home. It should be a place to rest and relax. Instead, if it’s too hot, you might feel agitated.

1. Light colors convey freshness

Bright colors are one way to cool down your house.

Sometimes, heat is both a physical and a psychological issue. Of course, a thermometer tells us it’s hot out, but we often aggravate the situation if the home doesn’t feel light and cool.

Light colors, especially cold ones, help create a fresher feeling. Consider using sky blue, light green, purple, or turquoise to help your home feel cooler.

Also, don’t forget about white. It’s great for interiors and exteriors in warmer locations since it doesn’t absorb the sun’s rays as much, which helps keep it cooler inside.

If you live in a warm area, it’s best to use cool tones.

2. Ambient resources to cool down your house

Certain techniques can help cool down your house.

In addition to cool colors, you can also incorporate a few techniques that help improve the ambiance of your house. For example, nice smells and good airflow can help make your rooms more comfortable. Let’s consider a few techniques:

  • Air fresheners are a great way to create nice smells, which will help your home feel clean and comfortable. There are automatic ones that you just set up and forget about.
  • However, more and more people are opting for water diffusers on their terraces. These release moisture that remains in the air for several seconds.
  • You can also consider louver blinds, which have large slits that air passes through easily.

3. Daily ventilation of all rooms to cool down your house

Creating airflow can help cool down your house.

Throughout the course of the day, some rooms get too hot, especially the ones that are facing south. Also, some parts of the house might be exposed to the sun which creates more heat inside.

To help all your rooms feel cooler, it’s best to create airflow every morning. This is crucial in the first few hours of the day because it’s still cool outside and temperatures are lower.

One trick is to open all the windows to create a nice draught. This way you create good airflow throughout the whole house and air all your rooms.

There’s nothing better than breathing fresh air.

4. Plants are a great way to cool down your home

A living room with lots of plants.

Plants continually purify the air and give off a refreshing feeling. What species you choose doesn’t matter since all plants help contribute to the air quality in your home.

Plants also smell great and the scent and color remind us of nature. In fact, these factors help you feel better psychologically and make the heat more bearable.

However, this doesn’t mean you should fill your home completely with plants. It’s best to choose a few and distribute them around the house. Also, remember to water them so they don’t dry out!

5. Lower the blinds in the middle of the day

A woman closing the blinds.

As we said before, it’s best to raise all the blinds and open the windows first thing in the morning. However, after a few hours, it’s time to close them all again.

Starting at noon, the sun beats down strongly until around 6:00 p.m. During these hours, it’s best to keep the blinds lowered partially. If you close them halfway you can avoid too much light and heat from coming in.


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