4 Shoe Storage Ideas for Your Summer Home

If you're starting to take out and organize your shoes for the summer, keep reading the article for some tips and ideas on shoe storage.
4 Shoe Storage Ideas for Your Summer Home

Last update: 03 November, 2018

Now that the warm season is getting closer, we want to give you some examples of shoe storage for your summer home. As you’ll see throughout this article, there’s a lot of variety to choose from, especially in terms of design.

In addition, shoe storage furniture is generally very versatile. This is because you can place it in the hall, a closet, or in bedrooms themselves. You can place it as a stand-alone piece of furniture or you can tuck it away in a wardrobe or dressing room.

On the other hand, remember that you can take advantage of the change of season to do a thorough clean and throw away shoes that you don’t use. Get rid of things that you haven’t used in a while or just don’t like.

Next, we’ll give you four shoe storage ideas for your summer home.

White shoe storage

As we already know, the color white gives a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. It’s common for us to find walls that are painted white or other light colors in the summer months.

If white is too simple for you, decorate the shoe storage areas with figures that you associate with summer: starfish, suns, seahorses, boats. This is an original and fun idea, and it’s ideal for a child’s bedroom.

If you’re not sure where to find a piece of white furniture for storing shoes, you should consider looking at the following websites or stores: HEMNES, STALL, BISSA, BRUSALI, TRONES, or MACKAPAR.

In some cases, shoe storage furniture only has front legs. This is it’s made to be placed against a wall. You should put them against a wall so that they’re more stable.

You can also try to combine different shoe storage pieces with one another. This will help you gain storage space in your home. 

The price for this type of shoe storage ranges between 30 and 129 euros.

shoe rack

Fabric shoe hangers

These are very useful since they hardly take up any space. You can hang them from the bar inside your closet. They usually have some kind of hook or attachment on top, either in the form of a hanger or cord to make a knot and tie it.

These are divided into several compartments, each made for a separate pair of shoes. These are made of cloth, so we recommend that you choose to store shoes here that generally don’t weigh too much. Think about storing espadrilles, sandals, slippers, flip flops, and cloth slippers in a storage piece such as this. Another option you can consider is to put your children’s shoes in this type of container. They don’t occupy much space, to begin with, and they don’t weigh a lot either.

In addition, you can always buy more than one of these if you have many pairs of shoes. Hanging your shoes vertically won’t use much space in your closet that you would otherwise use for clothes.

Finally, these are really easy to find online or in stores. You can easily find them on Amazon.

Shoe storage made of untreated wood

Incorporating untreated wood into your home lends a natural and simple touch. In addition, during the summer it’s very common to see terrace furniture made out of light wood or natural fibers, such as wicker or rattan.

Therefore, it’ll also be good if you can take these materials and bring them inside your home. You can also buy shelves, dressers, or matching tables to create a complete look in your bedroom.

A few years ago we found a great example called BUNDIS, an IKEA shoe rack. It had two levels that you could place your shoes on. Currently, it’s available for you to buy second hand through other platforms.

Shoe rack on the wall with bars

These are very decorative and hardly occupy any space because they’re arranged vertically along the entire wall. Above all, we recommend using this type of shoe storage for shoes with heels.

Simply place narrow bars or shelves in a parallel fashion. We prefer that you leave the same space between them so that they look organized and well thought out. Then, all you have to do is hook the different shoes through the heel area.

Although obviously, this can work just as well with winter shoes, we get to add a touch of color for the summer. You can use different color bars in order to give the space an even more organized feel.

A great example of this type of shoe storage is the one in the movie Me Before You,  with Emilia Clarke. She has a part of the wall in her bedroom where she places her very patterned and colorful heels on different bars.

shoe storage on wall

Source: https://www.pinterest.es/chloelouisecro/me-before-you/

As always, we hope that this article and the ideas have been helpful for you. You should take into account that you can always personalize each piece of furniture based on your likes, giving an original touch to your space. Maybe you’re interested in reading more about closets, a practical as well as a decorative alternative to shoe storage furniture. 

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