4 Ideas for Moss Walls in Your House

Moss walls are becoming more and more of a thing in offices and homes. As well as being a genuine work of art, they also offer benefits such as providing a calm atmosphere. Give it a go!
4 Ideas for Moss Walls in Your House

Last update: 11 May, 2020

Moss walls can be found in homes as well as offices. They are getting more and more trendy and not only for exteriors.

Why are they so popular? Because they give us a sense of nature, they are easy to maintain and exist in many different designs to match each room. Find more out below.

Moss walls – tranquility and nature

moss walls

Some buildings or walled constructions with moss might have caught your eye. We’re not referring to green patches appearing because of lack of maintenance but to moss used as decoration.

Walls with moss are ideal to create a serene nook and connect with nature – just what we need if we live and work in the city.

Although this may seem like something modern, in reality, zen Buddhist monks have been cultivating moss on walls and between stones for centuries. It’s a symbol of harmony and relaxation which facilitates meditation.

Benefits of moss walls

moss walls benefits

They aren’t only small vertical gardens, this kind of wall provides many benefits.

1. Goodbye monotony

Spotless white walls create a sense of space but can also be a bit boring. If you don’t fancy frames, go for moss.

2. Relaxation

You can add moss walls in the room you work or study in. You’ll have peace when you need it the most. Try touching the moss with your hands and you’ll feel calm in no time. It’s way better than any other stress-relieving technique!

3. Natural lifestyle

If you live in a flat in the town center, you’ll appreciate having more greenery than just your potted plants.

4. Uniqueness

Of course, this is a factor we couldn’t leave out. Your moss walls will be a talking point. Not only in the living room, but they also look great in a hallway, on a terrace, and even in a bathroom.

5. Zero pollution

Moss walls remove huge quantities of toxins within a room if someone smokes for example. They are also great acoustic insulation (ideal for rooms where quiet is needed) and improve the temperature, making it cooler in the summer.

Top tips to decorate walls with moss

Are you now convinced and want to liven up your walls? In that case, we’re going to share with you a few tips to use moss walls in your house or the office.

1. A green frame

moss frames

The entire wall doesn’t need to be decorated -you can make a moss frame and then hang it up. The advantage of this is that if you get bored of it or if you move or change the furniture around, you can take it down and hang it up somewhere else.

To make this, find a good frame and a wooden base. Plant the moss and leave the rest up to nature.

2. Use moss walls to divide up rooms

moss wall divider

Maybe you live in a loft or an open plan house, and you’re getting a bit tired of seeing your kitchen from the living room. Are you wondering how to avoid this? Moss walls are the solution! They can easily be set on a frame type structure and you can plant on either or both sides.

3. The entire wall

entire moss wall

Decoration shops or garden centers sell ready-made moss panels you can easily set up. You can ask for the size you need, and they will cut it out for you. This allows you to have moss walls floor-to-ceiling. They are perfect for a meeting room, a dividing wall in your house, or even a wall next to your bathtub!

4. At the entrance of the house

moss house entrance

Whatever type of house you have, whether it’s modern, classical, or elegant, moss walls are perfect to add a welcoming feel to our home. Where should you put it? In the entrance following the diving line between the inside and outside, or along the steps.

This type of wall is an interesting feature to cover vertical surfaces as it’s a light material. It doesn’t tend to need any water or direct sunlight, meaning it’s straightforward to maintain. Give it a go!