3 Placement Tips for Leaning Mirrors

Mirrors can be a great way to make a room look bigger or simply see how we look. Learn how to decorate by leaning mirrors onto your wall.
3 Placement Tips for Leaning Mirrors

Last update: 22 July, 2019

Leaning mirrors are a wonderful way to decorate a setting and enjoy great benefits at the same time: rooms that look bigger, seeing yourself from head to toe, and more.

In today’s post, we have 3 tips for the best spots to use a leaning mirror.

Why should you decorate with leaning mirrors?

Mirrors are a great home decor accessory because aside from decorating, they also have a specific function: they help you see yourself as you do your makeup or let your see how your outfit looks before you leave home.

In addition, they also play an important role in decor because they make spaces look bigger, reflect light and add elegant detail to your rooms.

Mirrors come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and models. To find the perfect one for your home, you need to first consider your setting, decor and how you plan to use it. Decorating with leaning mirrors doesn’t mean filling your home with them. Instead, you need to place them in specific areas and corners to make the most of them.

leaning mirrors spot

Not too long ago, mirrors only decorated bathrooms, home entrances, or bedrooms. But today, leaning mirrors are a huge trend. The best part about this trend is that they fit into any decor style (Nordic, vintage, minimalist, Mediterranean, rustic)… And they look gorgeous!

Many people found leaning mirrors to be the perfect way to protect their walls and to easily move them around. But after time, this went beyond practicality and became a trend.

But, of course, nothing is perfect. We don’t recommend leaning mirrors if you have children or pets because they can run into them or have an accident. If you do, you should safely fix your mirrors onto your walls instead.

Where to place leaning mirrors

If we’ve convinced you to hop on the bandwagon, the million-dollar question is: where should you put them? Avoid filling your home with multiple leaning mirrors because none of them will stand out and they’ll turn into obstacles that you’ll want to remove later. Here are some placement ideas:

1. Home entrance

Using a leaning mirror near your front door (regardless of if you have an actual home entrance or not) is always a good idea. Your mirror will serve multiple purposes such as enhancing natural light or taking one last look at yourself to make sure everything’s okay.

In addition, a leaning mirror makes a lovely piece for your home entrance that’s a little different from conventional decor. But don’t place it right in front of your front door or you’ll be the first thing you see when you enter your home.

leaning mirrors entrance

2. Living room

There’s no question about it; mirrors add a sophisticated detail to living or dining room decor. Many people use a horizontal mirror on the wall behind their couch, but there are other ideas you can try.

If you have a small living room, you can enhance your light and space by using vertical leaning mirrors. Or, if you have a rectangular-shaped room, try leaning a mirror against the smallest wall to reflect your furniture and make your room look huge.

leaning mirrors living room

3. Bedroom

Feel free to use any frame for your mirror to match the rest of your furniture or pictures in your bedroom. Then, set it up in one of the corners of your room to make it look bigger.

You can also try leaning your mirror next to your dresser or closet, leaving enough space to see your whole body in its reflection. In addition, try to avoid placing it in front of your bed or in a place that hinders you from opening drawers or doors properly.

leaning mirrors bedroom

Leaning mirrors create lovely settings and meet all of our expectations. They enhance lighting, reflect the decor elements that please us the most and help us make sure that we look alright before leaving home. You need them in your home!

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