The Prettiest Pots for Decorating Your Home

Here you'll find a review of the prettiest pots for decorating your home.
The Prettiest Pots for Decorating Your Home

Last update: 14 October, 2020

Plants are beautiful and decorative, and using pretty pots for decorating your home makes them even better. So, if your house is full of plants, you’ll like these tips on finding the best pots to make them look even more beautiful.

Below you’ll find some great options, as well as information on the materials and types of pots that each plant may need.

Choosing the correct shape

Some pots with house plants.

If you think of your pots as simple containers for your plants, you’re quite mistaken. In addition to the decor, there are key aspects to consider when choosing them: their material, depth, diameter… all this influences the health of your plants.

Some need a container that lets in light, others have very large roots and require depth, and others grow really fast. Taking all these factors into account will give you more clarity when choosing your pots.

Types of materials

The materials the pots are made of are important. Therefore, before choosing them, you should learn about their benefits and disadvantages.

Plastic pots are the most common because they’re the most budget-friendly. What makes them special is that they retain the water in the soil, which makes them perfect for plants that need to stay moist.

The problem with these types of pots is that if they’re exposed to the sun, the plastic becomes really hot and can subject the roots to high temperatures and damage them.

On the other hand, you can get clay pots. As they’re made of a porous material, water doesn’t stay in the soil for a long time. These are ideal for those plants that don’t like sitting in a pool of water. However, you must take into account they’re more fragile than plastic pots and can break with sudden temperature changes.

Pots for each type of plant

A person spraying a plant.

When it comes time to choosing your pots it’s important to take into consideration the specific needs of each plant. Each one, either because of the shape of its roots or the way it grows, requires a specific type of pot. Let’s look at some of the more unusual ones.

Orchid pots

Almost all types of orchids need transparent pots that allow light to enter directly into the roots. Light is an essential element for them to grow and encourages flowering.

Be careful not to overwater your orchids, so we recommend a pot with drainage holes for the excess water.

Bonsai pots

This type of plant has surface roots and requires very little depth. To grow properly, they need to expand widthwise, so rectangular pots are ideal.

Pots for succulents

Succulents need a small space to be able to root, so we recommend getting small pots. Furthermore, it’s even better if they’re made of clay, because the porosity allows the evaporation of water. This is very important since they don’t tolerate excess humidity.

Pretty pots for decorating

Some shelves with decor items.
  • At Zara Home, you can find a small blue flowerpot made of terracotta with contrasting white details, perfect for bringing a handmade touch to your home.
  • The VANLIGEN pot from Ikea is very romantic looking. It’s made of water green stoneware and is great for shabby chic houses.
  • At Maisons du Monde, there are options to suit all tastes, but the eucalyptus planter with a wooden base will bring out your inner bohemian side.

Pots decorate and make your plants live longer. Choose the right shape and material and make sure they’re in good condition.

Occasionally, you’ll have to change them. This is because either the plant is getting too big or because the pots are deteriorating. Undoubtedly, pots are a decor object that’ll add to the atmosphere of your home.