Natural Fiber Patio Chairs

Naturalness earns high points in home decor because it helps create a pleasant, cozy setting. Thanks to the setting it created, many make the effort to find pieces with natural pieces for their homes.
Natural Fiber Patio Chairs

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Today, natural fiber chairs aren’t the most popular choice for home exteriors anymore but their artisan charm still keeps them around. Besides their crafty look, there are plenty of other reasons that people still choose to use them.

People love natural fiber furniture for exterior decor because it transmits a classic style that also helps to create a stable yet romantic setting. Their romantic detail is especially true when used in backyards or gardens.

Many people think that a cozy, romantic and dreamy setting needs antique furniture. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Natural fiber patio furniture is proof. It comes in plenty of models and budgets that make a marriage of romance and modernity possible for outdoor decor.

Natural fiber furniture

natural fiber furniture chairs

Natural fiber furniture has enjoyed several peaks of popularity over history. Its natural origins make it very warm, comfortable furniture.

But synthetic fiber furniture has been replacing it as it offers more resistance and easier maintenance.

The term “natural fiber” can refer to any textile or material that’s made from seeds, leaves, stems and roots. In other words, natural fiber is derived from different kinds of plants.

Using natural fibers and chemical-free substances for furniture and its maintenance is eco-friendly.

In addition, when it’s time to throw out a natural fiber furniture piece, it doesn’t have any negative consequences for the environment. That advantage means a lot to people who make an effort to live a greener lifestyle.

 Great natural fiber chair models

1. Faux beanbag

These chairs feature an amazing design as they turn heads and create dynamism thanks to their round shape. Just as their name suggests, they look like beanbags but offer much more stability.

Silla de tipo puff.

2. Egg chairs

Circular natural fiber chairs are another great option for those who love fun, modern designs. And the visual gentleness that these chairs have simply flaunt comfort and invite onlookers to sit down and relax.

The strong curve in the chair design allows it to “tuck away” or “take in” users. Its shape leads to its name.

Natural fiber chairs come in many original designs and models.

3. Square chairs

We had to include square natural fiber chairs as well on our list. They offer a solid, simple linear yet sophisticated decor. These chairs often have bigger dimensions while their legs may or may not be exposed.

4. Hanging chairs

Hanging chairs are a combination between a hammock, swing and conventional chair. They’re a favorite product these days because they have great visual appeal. Some models hang from the ceiling while others have a metal base.



natural fiber chairs recommendations

Natural patio chairs need regular maintenance. You need to take care of them to keep them from quickly decaying or discoloring.

For example, arrange them in the areas that are in the shade during the hottest hours of the day to prevent them from discoloring.

In addition, avoid cleaning them with water because the fiber will absorb it and rot. Instead of water, try cleaning your furniture with a dry method like a vacuum, feather duster or microfiber rag.

You can also use rags with a small amount of cleaning product to hydrate the material and revive their shine. But be careful to limit how much you use cleaning products.