Learn About the Best Pool Vacuums on the Market

Keep your pool sparkling clean with these vacuums
Learn About the Best Pool Vacuums on the Market

Last update: 28 January, 2021

To get your pool ready for the summer season, you need to have a quality pool vacuum.

There’s nothing like having a pool that’s sparkling clean. It’s not only the filter that plays an important role in the hygiene of your pool. It’s also important that dirt on the bottom doesn’t contaminate the water. That’s why we’re showing you the best pool cleaners on the market.

Without a doubt, the investment that we make in this equipment will help us to improve the quality of our swim. We can solve the problem of pool dirt when we have the correct equipment.

It can certainly be pricey, but the result can be positive. We’ll see that the water will be crystal clear, thanks to the hygiene measures that we take. These are necessary for pool maintenance.

Not cleaning a pool bottom creates a problem

Pool with accumulated dirt on the bottom

Dirt tends to accumulate at the bottom of the pool. Bit by bit small particles stick to the bottom. At the same time, they can rise to the surface. As a result, the water can become dirty.

What problems can dirt on the bottom of a pool cause? The main one is the growth of fungus. This fungus can stay on our skin and generate a problem on the soles of our feet.

It’s a good idea to choose one of the several pool vacuums on the market to eliminate dirt. At the same time, it will prevent health problems. This means good quality water.

Cleanliness is the best way to prevent any type of infection –

Which are the best pool vacuums?

Picture of a pool vacuum on the bottom of a pool

Currently, numerous brands of pool vacuums are available. We need to find out what each one has to offer. So we should learn the basic qualities of some examples. That way we can evaluate which ones best suit our needs.

  • Dolphin Carrera 20: cleans pool bottoms and walls with a scanning system that goes into corners. At the same time, it has a brush that gathers up the dirt and vacuums it. It functions for two hours and has a filtering process that expels the dirt after it’s finished cleaning. It costs about $750.
  • QP hybrid: this is a model that connects directly to the filter. It’s used in very large pools and on any type of surface. Also, it consists of a powerful hydraulic system that vacuums dirt very fast. The price of this model is about $420.
  • GRE medium VAC: this is a manual type that’s perfect for above-ground pools. It has a very long pole. It also has a very strong suction system that gathers up any type of impurity. The price is much more affordable at about $50.
  • Zodiac MX8: this is a turbine model that offers good suction and high performance at all times. It cleans floors and walls and changes direction automatically so you don’t need to guide it. The price is approximately $480.

Advantages of automatic pool vacuums

A very clean pool

In general, pool vacuums tend to be automatic. However, many manual models require someone to operate them. These are more for smaller pools.

When they have an automatic system, you don’t need to operate them since they clean on their own. You simply have to start them and the rest is done by the machine.

                              – Technology also contributes to a clean home and facilitates daily life –

What is the best pool vacuum on the market?

You’ll find many types of pool vacuums in specialized stores. Nevertheless, there’s one high-quality option that offers very high performance. This is the Dolphin Logic Eco 60.

This model is expensive, at over $1200, but it performs well. It gives 100% cleanliness and guarantees healthy results. More than anything, it’s convenient and saves time and work.