Easy to Care For Plants to Decorate Your Home

Want to have plants in your home that you hardly need to care for? Keep reading to discover some beautiful options.
Easy to Care For Plants to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 28 August, 2020

Easy to care for plants are a great option to decorate the different rooms of your home. You’ll love the many advantages they have and they’ll give your interior a very attractive touch.

What about plants that can live up to twenty days without water? Hard to believe, right? Well, it’s true because there are some great options. They’re also great to create green spaces in your home and are very easy to maintain.

Easy to care for plants – everything you need to know

Easy to care for plants are great for your home.

Echeverias, aloes, kalanchoes, and senecios are four of the most popular succulent plants for gardening, but there are up to 8,000 known species.

Because these plants store water in their tissue, they can live without rain or water for long periods. You can place them inside or outside of your home. Indoors, you can water them every two weeks. On the other hand, you’ll need to water them once a week outdoors.

Although they survive easily, it’s best not to have them in the sun all day. Instead, spread pebbles on the substrate to conserve moisture. This way you can keep in them in perfect condition.

Easy to care for plants – let’s take a look

Succulents are easy to care for plants.

1. Echeveria, a green touch for the balcony

Mexico is one of the countries with the highest number of succulent plants and this is one of them. They form rosettes with bluish leaves and pink flowers with yellow ends.

This plant likes pebbly areas, but it’s also a great option to hang on terraces and balconies. We recommend that you don’t expose it to the continuous sun. Instead, opt for an area where it gets some morning sun.

You’ll need to water it well in the summer. Once a week is enough, but don’t wet the leaves. If you give it too much water, it’ll end up rotting. However, you need to keep in mind that it needs coarse sand for better growth.

One advantage of echeveria is that it grows easily. And you can replant the leaves in another pot.

Aloe vera is one of many easy to care for plants.

2. Aloe – a plant that represents health

With the pulp from the leaves, you can create different remedies for caring for your skin and the digestive system. For example, aloe is very effective in treating burns and eczema.

This plant can survive in full sun, but its leaves will turn brownish. If you want them to stay green, put it in semi-shade and water it moderately every ten days.

It’s also good to know that, in a short time, you can have many aloe plants if you replant the leaves. Of course, you need to wait until they are at least 4 inches in height. There are many varieties, but the best known are aloe vera and cape aloe.

A Kalanchoe plant.

3. Kalanchoe – removes chemical vapors

You can find this plant in flower all year round. Originally from Madagascar, it helps eliminate toxic compounds found in the air. Put it in full sun next to a window.

In the summer, water it once a week, but avoid overwatering. You’ll also need to remove dead leaves and fertilize it to keep the flowers in perfect condition.

This is a very easy to care for plant since it can go a week or more without water and is usually resistant to pests. Be aware that too much water can kill it.

Having a kalanchoe in your home can liven up the room thanks to the variety of colors of the flowers, such as red, yellow, orange, pink, and violet. You won’t know what color to choose!

A senecio plant.

4. Senecio – a succulent in your planter

We recommend that you consider a dwarf Senecio, which is about 11 inches high and 24 inches wide with cylindrical leaves. These beautiful plants resemble a bluish, green coral.

It’s ideal for placing on shelves next to windows. The yellow flowers give off a very pleasant aroma so it also helps keep the house fragrant.

It also requires minimal maintenance. You should place it in the sun and it only needs moderate watering, as it survives well in droughts.

Walls and stony areas are ideal for this plant. It also adapts well to pots or tall planters.

Combine Senecio with other creeping plants, such as aptenia, on arid or rocky soils, and you’ll see great results. Also, make sure if you have pets, they don’t damage these plants.

What do you think about these four options? We’re sure that you’ll like these easy to care for plants!