Create a Recycled Wood Path for Your Backyard

A quaint walkway that uses recycled wood could add a rustic air to your garden. On top of that, it'd help protect your lawn and plants. Learn how to make it with some simple steps.
Create a Recycled Wood Path for Your Backyard

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The backyard can become the coziest space in any home. Regardless of how big it is, it’s a natural space with a very relaxing atmosphere. Interested in knowing how to make a wooden garden path using recycled wood?

Well, there are actually a lot of ways to create walkways with all kinds of materials. However, recycled wood pathways are quite trendy these days. They’re not only economical, but they also create a rustic feel that makes yards look lovely overall. Check out what we have to show you below.

Decorate your backyard: how to make paths with recycled wood

Making pathways with recycled wood is a way to bring your backyard decor up a notch. While you can certainly use other elements like stones or broken tiles for a pathway, using wood will really give a special feel to your outdoors. And generally, wood is a great way to keep people off of your plants and lawn.

wooden walk way


  • Wooden boards from a pallet
  • Saw
  • Wood varnish
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Sander

Before you begin

  • First, take apart your pallet. Then, pick out the boards that are in the best condition for the head of your pathway and reserve the rest for the end.
  • Before you start making your path, you can buff your wooden boards to give them a uniform shape. You can also treat them as they’ll be exposed to humidity and heat.
  • Previously measuring out your backyard is key for making a pathway. After you’re done preparing your wooden boards, measure out the design that you want to set up for your garden. You’ll most likely need to use the longer boards for the ends of your path and the shorter ones for the middle part.
  • To prevent any complications, sketch out your design on paper, calculating the number of boards that you’ll need.
  • Once you’re sure about your design and measurements, you can start cutting the wooden boards. You should sand them well because even small splinters are painful. Some people do prefer to leave their wood untreated, however, to make them look more rustic.
wood walk way

Setting up your wooden path

  • To make a sturdy pathway with your recycled wood, you need to start by setting up a base. Create the base by setting up a frame with your darker wooden pieces, ensuring that the ground where you set them up is clear.
  • Criss-cross your wooden boards at their centers to keep them from moving.
  • After, start setting up the head of your path. Secure each wooden board with your screws and drill. Failing to do so might cause your path to fall apart or result in accidents.
  •  Lastly, treat your wood with varnish or another protective treatment.

Be careful: don’t leave the surface too smooth because that could also be dangerous. If you’re going to use the wood without any treatment, remember that it’ll deteriorate faster with the heat and humidity. 

Path with recycled tree trunks

Pallet and wooden boards aren’t your only options for creating recycled pathways. With a little more time and creativity, you can make this project with the old tree trunks from your own backyard or a nearby forest.

Wood walkway trunks


  • Differently-sized tree trunks
  • Saw
  • Sander and varnish (optional)


  • Gather some tree trunks in whichever size that you prefer.
  • After, use a saw to cut them into several disks.
  • Then, mark out your pathway with the leftover pieces of wood or stones.
  • After, fill in your pathway with the wooden disks. Make sure that they’re nice and thick to make a sturdy path.
  • As mentioned previously, you can sand them to smooth our their surface. You can also give them a coat of varnish.
  • Remember to space out the wooden disks. If you prefer, fill in the spaces with dirt, sawdust or stones.

Do you have enough space in your backyard for a wooden path? If so, consider the ideas in our post. As you’ve read with us, they’re easy to do and use a material that’s most often recyclable.

The rest of your backyard decor is on you. You can line your path with some beautiful flowers, lawn or trees.

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