Contemporary Fountains For Your Garden

Give your garden a modern, updated touch with original and avant-garde fountains.
Contemporary Fountains For Your Garden

Last update: 08 June, 2020

Why not make your garden a modern, avant-garde, and innovative space? You shouldn’t just think about the plants and grass. Instead, there are so many other decorative possibilities to consider, such as contemporary fountains for your garden.

Contemporary fountains are great garden accessories that can add to your garden. There is a great variety of shapes and designs.

If you’re considering all the options and thinking about which one would fit best with your home, we’ll help you review the options. Then, you’ll have a better idea of which to choose!

Contemporary fountains for your garden – vertical walls of stone or metal

Some contemporary fountains are made of stone or metal.

More and more people want something unique and original for their garden. Some contemporary fountains are vertical. These release water from above and the water cascades down. While these fountains aren’t that tall, just over four feet, they are sure to be a talking point.

In terms of vertical fountains, there are two options. Some are straight, while others are curved. However, one of the best things about this type of fountain is that the water barely makes any noise. The water just gently and delicately spills down the surface. As a result, it creates a beautiful, peaceful effect.

As for the materials, there are generally two options: stone or metal. However, the latter is the most common. Metal creates a more artistic and avant-garde look. On the other hand, stone offers a more natural appearance, as if it was a naturally-occurring waterfall.

Turn your garden into a modern space.

Whimsical and picturesque designs

A romantic fountain in the garden.

Since the 19th century, gardens have become romantic, striking spaces. Much of this is thanks to fountains. These designs broke the pre-established molds of the time. The same is true today, but now you can find gardens in almost every home. We’ll discuss some picturesque options that you can find online or in stores:

  • Planter fountains – In this group of fountains, there are many options. Normally, water exits and falls into a container. At the top, there might be plants or decorative lights. Together, these form a beautiful effect.
  • Steel pipes – Another option is a fountain made up of a series of pipes. Water continually cascades out of them. This creates a gentle waterfall effect.
  • Steel sphere – The material for this type of fountain is similar to the previous example. The water is released from the top of a large sphere and delicately falls down the sides. While the water doesn’t go very high, this avant-garde design is striking.

Zen fountains – relaxation and disconnecting

A zen fountain in a garden.

If you want to turn your garden into an escape from daily life and stress, a Zen-style fountain is a great way to create this aesthetic. Just wait and see how much more relaxed you are!

There are many options for Zen contemporary fountains. One option is a Buddhist fountain. These use metal, stone, or wooden containers and incorporate a buddha sculpture. They can be up to about 5 feet high.

The water runs through a circuit and produces a lovely, natural sound as it falls. This is the intended effect, as it creates an atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

These contemporary fountains do more than decorate. They also create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Sculptural fountains – art and avant-garde

A sculptural fountain in a garden.

In many cities, it’s common to find fountains on roundabouts and in parks. This is a way of beautifying urban areas and promoting art. These usually have extravagant designs.

You can apply the same idea to your garden. However, you probably won’t be able to get a fountain of the same size. You should remember to keep everything balanced and corresponding with the rest of your garden.

But where can you purchase a sculptural fountain? Normally, these fountains are created by freelance artists. However, some stores sell them, although it is fairly rare.

Contemporary fountains for the garden – creating a spa

A spa fountain with water emerging from a wall.

Finally, we want to highlight another amazing option. You can choose a cascading waterfall, similar to the type that you find in many spas.

Moreover, you can also use this fountain to create a place to bathe. Just allowing this water to run down your back can help soothe away your stress.

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