The Top 8 Paint Sprayers to Buy in 2019

Paint sprayers are becoming more popular-- and it's not just a coincidence. Paint sprayers are three times faster than the traditional brush. Here are 8 models, which means you have no more excuses left for not freshening up your paint.
The Top 8 Paint Sprayers to Buy in 2019

Last update: 01 July, 2019

After weeding through the market’s current options for paint sprayers, we’ve made a list of the top eight. In our post, read about the details for each model and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Paint sprayers are hands down a great investment because they have a good quality-price ratio and are versatile while helping you finish projects fast. Say goodbye to the brush and try something a little more modern.

1. Wagner W500

paint sprayers wagner

The Wagner W500 is one of the newer paint sprayers on the market. It’s suitable for both domestic and professional use. The Wagner w500 is a powerful machine that offers great results.

This paint sprayer is 370 W and has a 1.8 L capacity. The high-precision spray gun works especially well with acrylic paint. In addition, it features a 1.8 m tube to help tackle big painting projects.

The spray gun weights 3.5 kg, making it quite heavy but keep in mind that it’s quite efficient. It costs around 140 euros.

2. Bosch PFS 1000

paint sprayers bosch

Our next paint sprayer is more modest and works more manually than the first option– but that doesn’t mean lower quality. Just keep your eyes out for the paint sprayer that best suits your needs.

The Bosch PFS 1000 boasts a compact design. It also includes helpful features that regulate the quantity and pressure of the paint. It weighs 2 kg and has an 800 ml capacity. This sprayer costs around 75 euros.

3. Black & Decker HVLP400

Paint sprayers Black Decker

Here’s another paint sprayer that comes from a trustworthy brand. We chose the Black & Decker HVLP400 for its versatility, precision, price, and performance. It’s hands down one of the best options worth considering. This paint sprayer has perfect precision and will help you coat your patio furniture flawlessly.

Its main features include a lateral fill, easy cleanup, and flow-control indicator. It only weighs 900 grams, making it perfect for amateurs. The best surprise is the price: just 33 euros.

4. Wagner W95 130 BAR

paint sprayers wagner W95

The next model comes from the same brand as the Wagner W500 but is simpler and more practical and economical.

You can use it for home interiors and exteriors. It has a 750 ml capacity, which keeps it light at 1.5 kg. Another interesting feature is its two-year warranty, making it a smart choice. It costs 45 euros.

5. Cevik CE-HV651

Paint sprayer cevik

If you’re planning to use various paints with different densities, you should consider our next option. The Cevik CE-HV651 also features a three-option regulator that makes paint jobs easier.

The 2 m hose also makes jobs more comfortable. It weighs 2 kg and holds 600 ml of paint.

6. EARLEX HV 2501

paint sprayers earlex

Number 6 on our paint sprayers list is pretty powerful. It’s ideal for people who plan on using it often for large surfaces. This model’s top quality is its versatility. The EARLEX HV 2501 works on all kinds of surfaces and can even paint bathroom or kitchen tiles.

It has a 1.3 l tank and can shoot 160 mbar. You just need to follow the user instructions for professional results.

7. Wagner W200

paint sprayers w200

Here’s another Wagner model. As you can imagine, Wagner paint sprayers make up a considerable part of the market and for a good reason. They have a wide variety of products designed to cover different jobs.

The W200 has a maximum flow of 150 ml per minute, which can be regulated to suit your needs. It features an 800 ml tank and weighs 2.5 kg. To help you with the job, the paint sprayer includes a strap along with a 2 m tube.

8. Magnum Compact A5DS

paint sprayers Magnum

Ending our list of paint sprayers, here is the Magnum Compact A5DS. At 200 euros, this model can paint 360º. Its all-around painting capacity allows you to paint ceilings and walls. On top of that, it has two speeds and an easy cleanup system.

Wrapping up our list of the top paint sprayers

Now that you know the different paint sprayer options, you just need to choose the best one for your needs. Then, you only need to paint your house– a fun and creative project that could include the whole family!

Before we end our post, we recommend reading this before you paint. After this, you’ll have a clearer plan of action and achieve better results.

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