Perfect Details For An Unforgettable Wedding

At weddings, little details always make a big difference. How about we give you some inspiring ideas? You'll love them!
Perfect Details For An Unforgettable Wedding

Last update: 05 September, 2020

Many couples want an unforgettable wedding. But how do you make that special day stay in your guests’ memory? One important thing is to organize everything without leaving anything out.

For example, some details will give your ceremony and banquet the perfect touch, such as your bouquet and the music. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!

An unforgettable wedding – the countdown begins!

In this article, we’ll include everything you need to organize all the details of your wedding. Next, get inspired, organize every detail, and enjoy the most special day of your life!

The joy of invitations

Invitations are the first part of an unforgettable wedding.

Have you already decided who you’re going to invite to your wedding? Have you agreed on the number of people? Well, the time has come to choose the perfect invitationWe’ll give you some ideas so your wedding invitation is original and unique.

With paper roses

A romantic invitation with two parts that opens like a window to reveal the invitation inside is unique. For example, an original way to do this is with delicate paper with paper roses.

With an embroidered ribbon

These are like the old cards that messengers delivered by hand. For example, you can make an invitation from high-quality paper, tied with an embroidered ribbon. Also, using an organza bow is a great look.

With natural details

These invitations are made with exquisite paper with delicate natural twigs attached. This opens and reveals the wedding information inside.

The bouquet for your unforgettable wedding

The bouquet is part of an unforgettable wedding.

Take a look at some bouquets for the big day. Of course, you should always pick flowers that are proportional to your height and not be larger than your waist. Now, let’s take a look!

Pink and white peonies

This is a colorful bouquet with a very romantic feeling. You can use peonies, white alstroemeria, and freesias. To give it a final touch, for example, you can tie it with a one-inch satin bow.

Lilies and chrysanthemums

Do you want something original, unique, and different? Then this bouquet could be a great option. Ideally, you should use closed lilies and chrysanthemum buds. Then, you can tie it with a white bow.

An assortment of exquisite flowers

If the bouquet has a scent, all the better! To do this, consider flowers such as calla lilies, lisianthus, folded aspidistra leaves, and a bit of fern. This will look great!

An unforgettable wedding with lots of details at the tables

Decorated chairs.

Do you want your wedding to be memorable for your guests? Next, w e’ll give you some suggestions for details that will add a personal touch to your wedding banquet.

  • Flower arrangements on the tables are essential. Remember to choose flowers that match your bouquet and don’t forget that they also shouldn’t be fragrant. Also, you can use them to decorate the chairs.
  • Decorating the plates with the same flowers also works well. For example, you can place one flower on the side of the dish, which will give a very romantic touch.

The art of giving

A table of gift bags.

A flower, a delicious candy, a necklace… Surprise your guests and give them something to remember. The ideal option is to opt for original details that are also practical. Let’s look at some ideas!

Aromatic paper cones

Why not create some simple paper cones filled with sprigs of lavender or rose petals? You can personalize them with the name of each guest.

Sugar hearts

A sweet gift you can give from the heart. This is an original way of replacing classic candies with heart-shaped ones. You can put them in boxes for your guests.

Linen sachets

Filled with rose petals, these bags are an exquisite detail to give to guests. Also, you can give them to guests at the beginning of the ceremony to replace the rice throwing.

An unforgettable wedding with all your guests in their places

A candle centerpiece.

Indicate to your guests where to sit in an original, fun, and unique way! They’ll be delighted with your ideas.


You can use wire and rhinestones as an original cardholder. This is also a very useful gift, as guests can later use it as a picture frame.


For example, trimmings, ribbons, and a glass teardrop can be used as the guest’s name card, as well as a gift for them.


Decorate with olive twigs and place them on the table with a card bearing the guest’s name. Also, if the banquet is at night, the candles will help create a romantic air.

Take your time to decide

An unforgettable wedding is possible for every couple.

Organizing and decorating a wedding isn’t easy because, on the one hand, there’s a lot to do and, on the other hand, there are many options available! Choosing can be tricky. However, you just need to focus on you and your partner’s tastes.

And remember – when choosing each detail, you must think critically but also take great care so that your wedding is a success and you and your loved ones will remember it fondly.

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