Make Light Fixtures with Colanders and Bowls

If you want an original lamp for your home, make it yourself with a colander or kitchen bowl.
Make Light Fixtures with Colanders and Bowls

Last update: 22 June, 2019

You don’t have to get too sophisticated or complex for an original design. A few simple items can work just fine and become a decorative resource for your home. A great example is using colanders or bowls to create a light fixture.

Kitchenware can be a great resource for home decor. You can swap its functionality for aesthetics and give it an entirely different use.

Colanders and bowls have a shape that’s perfect to use for decor and they can really decorate a setting. In other words, they have an original shape and can be the perfect accessory to decorate any room in your home.

Colanders and bowls: turning functional into decorative

colanders decorative

At first glance, you might not see a colander as a decor accessory and feel a little hesitant to give it a try. It’s hard to imagine such a use for something that’s considered a kitchen basic.

But colanders can be decorative. You can give them a new look and transform them into home decor.  It might seem a bit odd to use them for decorative purposes in the kitchen, but it works with a few additional details.

And the same goes for any bowl, regardless of which kind it is. Ceramic, plastic, and glass bowls all work as light fixtures as long as you follow our steps for transforming them.

Anything and everything has a little art in it.

Metal colanders

colanders metal

If you want to make a colander lamp, metals ones work the best primarily because they offer high resilience and quality. In addition, it can handle the heat of a light-bulb. So how can you get started?

  • Colanders have a tapered cone shape along with lateral holes and handles on both ends. You’ll need to make a hole at the bottom to fit in a light-bulb and the wire. Make sure everything is firmly in place.
  • Light will extend outwards through the holes but also, and mainly, through the main opening that its shape makes, which will project the light directly underneath.
  • Colanders are usually just one color. The sole color allows it to add dynamism as well as a little color to the setting. So, it’s a great decor.
  • You can use plastic colanders, too. However, be careful that it doesn’t overheat as the heat can physically morph plastic.

Bowls, an easy transformation

colander bowl

Changing a bowl into a light fixture isn’t actually that complicated. Bowls are easy to work with and decorate as well. But why is that? First off, their shape is already ideal for making a light fixture.

As we’ve seen with the colanders, metal bowls work best because they’re resilient and sturdy. On top of that, they don’t morph with heat. However, they do have a down-side: making a hole isn’t so easy and will require some help from a metal-smith.

As for decor, bowls are easy items to work with because they can fit into any decor style. The shape couldn’t be more straight-forward. In addition, bowls usually have a design that’s simple enough to use in any setting.

You can use any bowl you want– even bowls from dishware collections.

What about wooden bowls?

colander wooden bowl

Wood is a material that’s commonly used for bowls or sculptures, but what about for light fixtures? Of course. In fact, you can use wood to create any shape you want.

A wooden bowl will enhance light’s warmth. As a result, it’ll create a decor that’s truly subtle and innovative.

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