Ideas to Make the Best of Awkward Areas in Your Home

Every home has an awkward area, but you can make the most of this with the right decoration.
Ideas to Make the Best of Awkward Areas in Your Home

Last update: 17 November, 2020

When it’s time to decorate your home, there is often a difficult area that exceeds your creative ability. Every space counts and here, you’ll find magical solutions to make the best of awkward areas in your home.

Thanks to these tips, you won’t see a problem, but an opportunity to give your home new life and extra style. Are you up to the challenge?

A bed by a window.

These don’t have to be “awkward areas”

Under windows

This is one of the least used areas. Take a moment to see and realize all the decorative and functional possibilities a nook offers. You can place a shelf across the window and use it as a library or to showcase your favorite souvenirs. Putting baskets underneath also works well.

The cupboard under the stairs

Start by changing the way you look at things. For example, if you have stairs, you can create a custom made closet that makes use of the space for storing your shoes, as a pantry or to create a little bodega.

The space under the stairs is an awkward space in design.

Make the best out of corners

L-shaped closets are a great way to make the best out of corners in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Corner cabinets don’t waste an inch and you can always put shelves or baskets on them too.

Awkward areas with partitions

Partitions can be a headache to decorate because it seems they’re always in the wrong place. However, using your imagination you can create many options.

If there’s a gap between two walls, create an office space by placing a desk between both walls.

Another great idea is to install a shallow closet next to a partition. This is very useful in bathrooms or kitchens, because they’re great to put glasses or small things on.

More storage space and extra seats

If you have a wall that you can find no use for, place a custom made piece there to make it functional. Imagine a long cabinet with shelves and drawers, that go from one side to the other. This will give you a lot of space to store anything you want and, at the same time, it’ll be a nice nook to sit in. It’ll be a great place to entertain your guests while you’re cooking dinner.

Small and awkward places

When you have a small home, this is an added challenge. There never seems to be enough space to store your things, right?

Well, use the walls and the ceilings walls to your benefit. Do this by using bookshelves or floating shelves. These won’t take up too much space and won’t make the room look full.

A library in the hallways makes the best of an awkward area.


Every space counts and, if you think about it, the hall has a lot of potential. Use the right lighting, paint it in soft colors and use a decoration, and you can see how practical and charming it’ll look.

Install closets, bookshelves, or mirrors in halls to make your life easier. This is what guests first see and where you need to use all your hosting abilities.ç

Using the right tools and decorative elements, you’ll be able to find practical solutions that make your space work for you.