Ideas to Decorate a Children's Library

Children's libraries must be decorated with their likes and needs in mind. This will keep them interested and make them want to return to read more!
Ideas to Decorate a Children's Library

Last update: 16 August, 2020

A children’s library should be a place that kids want to visit regularly. Doing so will cause them to acquire a liking for reading and books, which is a very important aspect of their personal and intellectual development.

The first aspect that we must take into account to create an eye-catching children’s library is the decoration. Decorating a children’s library isn’t easy. It has to be eye-catching and have lots of details for the kids.

To achieve this, you can use materials that are easy to get hold of and use. Below, we’ll give you several ideas to decorate a children’s library. Let the reading begin!

The right furniture for a children’s library

Even though it may seem that you don’t need to use a specific kind of furniture, if you have the opportunity, we highly recommend that you buy quality pieces.

Tables and chairs for a children’s library

A colorful childrens library with several small tables and chairs

A children’s library can group kids of very different age ranges. Therefore, you can buy tables and chairs of different sizes and colors. As for the tables, you can go down two different routes:

  • A big round table, so that all children can sit together for group activities.
  • Individual tables to carry out other types of activities.

It’s also advisable to have tables and chairs of different heights so that children feel comfortable no matter how old they are.

Depending on the space, you can even have two tables; one for children between three and five, and another for those who are over nine. If you buy tables of different colors and sizes, each child will identify with the space from the start.

An area for the little ones

A childrens library for very young filled with small furniture and fun activities

Children under the age of three should also be library users. Therefore, it’s important to have a special space for them.

Some essential elements are a carpet so they can crawl and walk as they wish, cushions and pillows for their comfort, boxes to store the books, fun toys, etc.

Pay attention to accessibility

Using wooden fruit crates as short shelves for a pastel themed childrens library

When decorating a children’s library, it’s not enough to choose eye-catching and beautiful items. You should also ensure that younger kids have easy access to the books.

To achieve this, you can incorporate bookcases with only a few shelves so that small children can reach them. Place the books for older children on the top shelves, and the books for younger children on the bottom shelves.

You can also feature the books that you want to highlight. Decorated tables are great for this.

If you want to use a more modern type of decoration and not give much emphasis to the bookcases, you can use boxes as shelves. If your budget is tight, painting and decorating fruit crates is also a great option.

Wall decoration for a children’s library

When decorating a children’s library, remember that kids will pay more attention to the decoration on the walls than to the furniture.

You don’t have to use materials that are specialized, difficult to find, or expensive. Using school materials like crêpe paper, regular paper sheets, paint and glue is a good idea, and they’re available to everyone.

Murals with book characters

A mural of two book characters painted on the wall of a children's library
Children murals /

This is one of the best options to decorate a children’s library since kids can paint the murals themselves using cardboard and different colors. You can change the murals from time to time so that more children can participate and there’s a wide variation of book characters.

The tree of tales

Two examples of book trees that make wonderful decorations in a children's library
Book tree /

An alternative that’s more permanent is creating a large tree with several branches on which you can place the books. You can use small shelves that are fixed to the wall for this.

Crêpe paper or cardboard are great materials to use when making the tree. You only have to buy the shelves for the books.

Imagination time

So many books and characters offer endless possibilities to decorate the walls of the room. Our only advice is that you vary the decoration and always make sure that it’s eye-catching for the children.

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