DIY Birthday Invitations: Create Invitations Yourself

If you want to surprise your guests from the start, start with great invitations! We'll give you some original ideas so you just have to choose the one that best suits you.
DIY Birthday Invitations: Create Invitations Yourself

Last update: 16 June, 2019

If you like to be original and do things yourself, we’ll help you create the best DIY birthday invitations.

It seems like, with the internet and email, invitations, in general, are going out of style. But if you want to surprise your guests and create a feel for the party before the celebration even starts, a unique invitation is the way to go. Keep reading and we’ll give you some ideas for DIY birthday invitations.

DIY birthday invitations according to the season

If you love the season of the year in which you were born and want everyone to know it, you can create invitations based it. For each creation, you can use things you probably already have at home. For most, you’ll just need a hot glue gun, some colored paper or card stock, and some scissors.


This is an example of DIY birthday card you could make for a december birthday.

If your birthday falls in the coldest month of the year, you can create invitations with snowmen, snowflakes, and even gloves and hats with their pompoms. If it also coincides with the Christmas season, you have no excuses: create a beautiful Christmas tree invitation.


An example of a summer birthday invitation.

On the other hand, if you were born in the hottest time of the year, you can link your DIY birthday invitations to ice cream.

To make them, you can use a popsicle stick with paper ice cream bars of different colors. You could also consider the sun, a beach towel, or even a bikini-shaped invitation.


DIY birthday invitations for autumn.

What’s most characteristic about autumn is the leaves falling. You can use leaves to create a fall-inspired invitation.

If you want an even more realistic invitation, you can pick up leaves when they fall from the trees and glue them to a card with the information about the celebration.


A spring-themed birthday invitation.

While autumn is known for leaves, spring is known for flowers. Using different colors of hot glue, you can create petals for a flower to delight your guests.

Use your hobbies for your DIY birthday invitations

A travel-inspired DIY birthday invitation.

Another way to make birthday invitations is by using your favorite hobbies as inspiration. If, for example, you love to read, you could create a book with two cardboard covers and a short “story” of the invitation.

The story could be about your birth or the birthday celebration.  You could even make it about how you met each guest if you want to personalize the invitations even more.

If your greatest passion is traveling, you can create DIY birthday invitations in the form of a world or a suitcase. On the other hand, if your tastes are musical, you could create a piece of music where each note is a bit of information about the party. You could also consider a CD where the cover art is the invitation.

If you want to plan a sweet-themed party, you could create an invitation in the shape of a piece of candy. Use a piece of paper that’s white on one side and colored on the other. Roll it up in the shape of a long piece of candy and then wrap it in clear plastic. You’ll have personalized candy invitations in no time.

Choosing unique invitations is a way to personalize them

A birthday invitation.

If you love all the options that we’ve mentioned and like to be original, but crafts aren’t your thing, don’t worry! We’ll give you a different but unique alternative.

You can print an image from the internet that you want to use for your invitation. Then, include a phrase and all the information. That way you’re personalizing the invitation, but in an easier way than the DIY options.

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