Decorating with Cassettes: A Great Way to Upcycle

Cassettes can become a really original decorative element which will give your home a more modern and innovative look.
Decorating with Cassettes: A Great Way to Upcycle

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Cassettes were once the main way to record and listen to music all around the world. As a result, a whole generation feels great nostalgia towards these objects, and it’s great to be able to use them once again- albeit in a totally different way.

Cassette tapes inevitably call to mind a specific time period, and for many people, they are a symbol of their youth. So, they can help you to create a fresh new look, and even give your home a certain indie vibe.

You can use cassettes in a whole range of different ways. However, it’s important to give them a sense of meaning, so that the final result doesn’t look random or out of place.

The best thing about cassette decorations is their originality – after all, they’re not something you see every day. However, exactly how you use them to decorate your home will depend entirely on you.

While they might have lost their original function, cassettes still generate great interest for many people, regardless of their generation.

Cassettes: the vintage touch

Blue cassette player radio.

Vintage objects have something special about them that other decorations simply don’t have, which is why they’re becoming more and more popular in our homes.

As we already said, their new decorative function is completely different from their original purpose. They can say a lot about their owner’s personality. For example, people who decorate with vinyls, CD’s and cassette tapes are usually music lovers.

A musical lamp

A lamp made from cassettes.

Lamps are some of the most interesting and versatile objects you can decorate your home with. You can make them out of all different objects, including lamps.

  • Because cassettes themselves are narrow and rectangular in shape, the simplest option is to create a square or rectangular lamp.
  • This is a really simple project. Stick the tapes together using strong glue. Glue them end to end to create rows.
  • We recommend using cassettes with semi-transparent gray casings. You can also use colored cassettes, but it’s important to know that the light will be much dimmer.
  • Both warm and white light work well with these lamps, so the type of lighting doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to use a powerful light, as the tapes will dull the light.

You could make a floor, table or hanging lamp. You can really make any shape you want- any one of them will look great in your home.

Cassette wall decorations

Use cassettes to create mural for your wall.

Another way to use cassettes is to hang them on your wall. You can even cover an entire wall with them, in the style of a mural or tapestry.

However, you don’t need to cover your entire room with cassettes. One wall is more than enough – you can leave the rest with just a simple coating of paint. This will create a really original look.

We should also point out that it’s best to use cassettes of all different colors. The idea is to combine contrasting colors to create a more dynamic look.

Make a table out of cassettes

As we’ve mentioned before, tapes are rectangular in shape and are almost completely smooth. This means that you can put them together with glue to create furniture, such as tables.

  • Once you’ve attached them together and the glue is completely dry, you can check for any weak spots. In any case, it’s best to put them on a wooden board or table top to give them better support.
  • Place a table leg in each of the four corners.
  • On top of your cassettes, you should place a sheet of glass. This will give you a smooth surface where you can place your things, while still allowing you to see the cassettes below.
  • Another option is to create a table from one giant cassette, but that does mean you’d have to buy one from a specialist decorating store.
Los cassette para decorar.

There are lots of different options to choose from. Imagine, create and innovate – make your own furniture to give your home that original and youthful look.

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