Decorating with Antique Sewing Machines

Do you have an antique sewing machine in your house that you just don't know what to do with? In this article, we'll give you some original ideas so you can use them to decorate your home.
Decorating with Antique Sewing Machines

Last update: 21 November, 2018

Decorating with antique sewing machines is one of the most popular trends in the world of interior decor at the moment.

There is a huge variety of old sewing machines on the market. They add a romantic, vintage feel to your home. Plus, most of them come with a wooden stand that acts as a table, with drawers on both sides, and a third in the middle. One of the most distinctive characteristics of antique sewing machines is the wrought iron pedal underneath.

If you have an antique sewing machine, you can create a beautiful sewing corner in your home, and get creative to decorate your space. Next, we’ll show you some original ideas on how you can decorate your home with these beautiful vintage objects.

Vintage sewing machines in your home

There is an infinite number of ways to decorate your home with antique sewing machines. You can use the original materials and colors for example. Or, if you want, you can restore them, painting them your favorite colors, or even use them to create new objects. Next, we’ll give you some ideas on how you can do this yourself.

You can leave your sewing machines in their original colors or repaint them however you like.

Decorative sewing machines

If your sewing machine is in good condition, you can use it as a decorative object. If you need to, you can repaint the table and the iron pedal in their original colors. Then you can display your vintage sewing machine wherever you want in your home. Even just by itself, an antique sewing machine is a beautiful addition to your decoration.

Make a beautiful dressing table

Another great alternative is to take your old sewing machine and transform it into a dressing table. If your sewing machine no longer works, this is a great opportunity for you to restore it.

The idea is to use the stand or table for the dressing table, and keep the machine itself underneath. You can paint the stand in one or multiple colors. Plus, you can even add a nice mirror to the top of the stand and use the drawers for keeping makeup, jewelry and much more. You’ll have a beautiful vintage dressing table.

Pastel and white

Yet another great alternative is to paint the wooden stand in a pastel color, like sky blue. Then, you can paint the wooden pedal and the handles of the drawers in white. Obviously, you can choose the color combination that you like best, but we really love this example, as it will look great with any decoration.

Painting vintage sewing machines in pastel colors is a great look in any home.

Black and white

Another of our favorite ideas is to paint the sewing machine stand all in white. If you want, you can give it a faded look to add to the vintage feel. Then, you can paint the iron pedal in black, and you’re done! You have a beautiful two-tone vintage sewing machine.

Sewing corners

Finally, you can use your vintage sewing machine to create a sewing corner in your house. If you like sewing and crafts, using your antique sewing machine to decorate your sewing corner is a great option.

Take advantage of the table and make sure the sewing machine is visible. Then you can decorate it with glass vases and add some thread, ribbons, and buttons. You could even use a mannequin on a wooden stand to add a great finishing touch to your sewing corner.

The pedal is one of the most characteristic traits of the vintage sewing machine.

Antique sewing machine stands

Another really original way to decorate with sewing machines is to use the stand itself. Wrought iron stands are great for creating lots of new and original objects. For example, you could make a round, square or rectangular table using a beautiful antique iron stand.

You could create a really beautiful little table for your entrance hall. Take the stand and add a glass or wooden table top. Then you can use it to display vases of flowers and your other favorite decorative items. This will give you a really beautiful table to greet your guests as they walk into your home.

As you can see, decorating with vintage sewing machines is a really beautiful idea. Plus, you can decorate and restore that old sewing machine that you had stored away gathering dust. That way, you’ll have created a great new piece of furniture for your home that is both practical and decorative.