Decorate Your Bathroom with Potpourri

Who says you can only buy your home decor accessories at stores? You can make your own potpourri to grace your bathrooms with fragrance and color to fill it with wonderful sensations.
Decorate Your Bathroom with Potpourri

Last update: 31 December, 2019

In interior design and decor, you can use many different elements to add colors and fragrances to a setting. Today, we want to highlight potpourri as a decor resource. Potpourri can help create an elegant and dynamic decor.

Too often do we limit ourselves to the usual decor elements: pictures, vases, photographs, sculptures, figurines, etc. But you can use other resources to decorate your home as well.

For bathrooms, most people usually stick to the decor basics. Many people hesitate to decorate their bathrooms but there are actually so many ways to get the ball rolling. Here’s how to create a setting that enriches the overall space.

What is potpourri?

potpourri what

Potpourri is a decor accessory that uses dried flowers and leaves that have added color and aromas. It’s an original decor as many people don’t use it in their bathrooms.

Potpourri comes in all colors and fragrances. You can find mixes that use a jumble of different plants and colors. Most people set it in a small bowl, but if you have a bigger bowl sitting around don’t think twice about filling it with this beautiful element.

Potpourri usually sits on the sink, but if you have a  cabinet or shelf to hold a bowl, they could also be a great placement option. But remember – it should sit high enough to be visible.

Potpourri will give your bathroom that special detail that it needs.

Make your own potpourri

potpourri diy

You can actually make your own potpourri and enjoy a completely natural air freshener. It makes for a simple and entertaining project. You can even turn it into family time and make it together.

  • Pick petals off flowers and leaves off plants. You can use the plants and flowers you have at home or in your yard. While you can use as many colors you want, a mix of three looks especially nice.
  • Rose petals are especially beautiful as potpourri, especially if they come from different kinds of roses. The bottom line is creating some dynamism and diversity. Avoid using just one color as it can become overwhelming.
  • Going outside to collect petals and leaves from many different sources can also create a beautiful mix. The fresh outdoors offers all kinds of plants that you can’t grow at home. Take advantage of spring to observe your options in nature.

Adding fragrance – the key to success

potpourri fragrance

In order to ensure a lush scent in your bathroomyour potpourri has to do more than merely look nice. It also has to offer a delightful aroma and sensation. With the right mix, you can transmit the idea of hygiene and cleanliness in your bathroom decor.

  • Look for an essential oil you like to grace your bathroom. You might not believe it at first, but a fragrance will have a big impact on the setting.
  • Put your leaves and petals inside a glass jar. Next, add some drops of your essential oil and shake the jar to fill everything with the aroma. Keep the jar closed for an entire week.
  • After one week, pour out your petals and leaves onto your decor dish. You’ll love the aroma they fill your bathroom with.

Bathroom aesthetics

potpourri aesthetics

As we mentioned earlier, potpourri isn’t a normal bathroom element but when it’s there, we can certainly appreciate how beautiful it looks in addition to how lovely it smells.

It would also look great alongside a candle. If you have a bar or restaurant, potpourri decor can be an original way to present a clean bathroom to your clients. Give it a try for yourself today!