5 Simple Accessories That You Can Make with Rope

Want to give your home an original, relaxed atmosphere? Use rope as a unique, innovative tool for decor.
5 Simple Accessories That You Can Make with Rope

Last update: 10 October, 2018

A simple material like rope can be a great decoration for your home. We’ll show you five simple accessories that you can make with it.

You might be asking yourself: but what can I make with rope?

There are many ways to work with this material and to use it for both decorative and practical purposes.

So, don’t toss it in the garbage; you can find a second use for rope and doing so is actually doing something really helpful for the environment: it’s recycling.

Let’s take a look at some different ways to work with rope.

Storage containers

An easy project that offers a unique look are containers that are made with rope. You can make them in two ways:

  • Cylinders
  • Quadrangles

The cylinder-shaped containers actually look very similar to cups, but they reflect an artisan character. These containers are very handy in the bathroom for keeping toothbrushes, combs, etc. You could also decorate a soap dispenser with rope.

How do you stick the rope onto an object? You can just apply some glue onto the object’s surface and stick the rope on. The glue won’t damage the rope and it will stick on perfectly.

Rope lights

Light fixtures that use rope are the next decorative pieces on our list. There are various ways and designs for this. Here are some examples:

  • Vertically hanging ropes with a light-bulb hanging from each one.
  • Light fixture made by intertwining rope with a light-bulb in the center.
  • Circular or quadrangular bell with loosely attached rope.
  • Rope to hang a lamp or light-fixture.

These ideas transmit an artisan feel, transporting us to a maritime setting of ports, boats and bars full of sailors.

That’s to say, these lights create a much more relaxed, simple space that breaks through formalities and elegance. They have a much more informal character.

Mirror with rope frame

Mirrors are a must-have for home decoration. You might use them for the bathroom, bedroom or entrance – regardless of where they are, they serve a very important everyday purpose. So you have to make sure that your mirror is visually appealing.

How can you use rope with mirrorsYou can attach rope to a wide frame using glue or any other kind of adherent. Use just one, or several lines of rope.

Or, you could attach some rope to the mirror and hang it on a hook. The end result is very innovating and charming. In addition, it’s a different look than what we’re used to for mirrors.

Rope adds originality and innovation to decoration.


If you live in a townhouse or duplex apartment and are interested in decorating your staircase, you can also use rope for stair rails.

Rope stair rail

Setting it up is simple. Aside from the design, the rope will serve as a handrail. In addition, rope also offers a strong resistance that’s consistent and nice and tight. How can you do this? It’s simple:

  • First step: hammer some lugs into the wall, spacing them out evenly.
  • Second step: pass the rope through the lugs and make sure that there’s not too much slack.
  • Third step: make sure the rope is nice and tight by knotting the two ends; by doing this your handrail will be more stable as you climb the stairs.

There you have it; another way to work with rope. From an aesthetic standpoint, it creates something completely different, alternative and subtle. Your staircase will bask in attention and shine as a centerpiece.

Magazine rack with rope

Magazine racks always just kind of sit in the background. Why not make them a little more eye-catching? Rope can be just what we need.

We’ll use various ropes together for the magazine rack, intertwining them. They’ll give us a sturdy and original result.

When choosing your rope colors, you’re not limited to light brown. There are other possibilities:

  • Dark brown
  • White
  • Chestnut Brown

Just as you’ve read, there are so many ways to work with rope. In whichever direction you choose to go, let your imagination go and explore – you just need rope and glue.