5 Decorative Objects You Can Create With Egg Cartons

Not everything should be thrown away. A perfectly good container can be used for decorative purposes. In this article, we'll show you ways you can turn egg cartons into decorative objects for your home.
5 Decorative Objects You Can Create With Egg Cartons

Last update: 27 March, 2020

Recycling is the best way to reuse items that end up in the trash after being used only once. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 decorative objects you can design with egg cartons.

If we stop throwing things away and recycle, we help achieve the bigger goal of helping the environment. We should do our part to try and make the planet a better place to live.

We consume eggs daily and use them for a countless variety of meals. Eggs aren’t normally purchased individually, they come in cartons.  

Use egg cartons to create vases

Cute little vases made of egg cartons

If you want to give any room in your home a distinctive feel, you can create vases with an original touch. To do this, you can combine several egg cartons in such a way that they’re sturdy enough for whatever you place inside of them, namely plants.

Egg cartons are usually made of corrugated cardboard or polystyrene. You can shape the material and adapt it to your needs. For example, you can form a square structure with them and glue them together.

You can also shape the egg cartons into a cylinder. As with the square structure, you need to glue them together so that the cylinder is well assembled. You can use them as a flowerpot or a bowl for your plants.

In order to achieve originality, you must have some imagination.


Beautiful lamps made of egg cartons

Surprisingly, you can make a lamp with egg cartons. You just need to follow a few steps, as outlined below:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to gather your equipment. This consists of three large egg cartons that are at least 5-6 eggs long and 3-4 eggs wide. 8 eggs wide would be ideal.
  2. Next, you need to arrange the egg cartons in the shape of an octagon and glue them together, producing a bell. You can also slightly bend them for a curved appearance.
  3. Then, you need to poke holes in each of the cups where the eggs were placed, so that light can flood through and produce a really attractive aesthetic effect.
  4. Finally, you need to combine the egg cartons with a metallic structure, placing a bulb in the center.

Mirror frames

Mirror frames surrounded by flowers

You can also create mirror frames from egg cartons, but how? You need to cut the cardboard in such a way that different pieces can be extracted to make shapes.

For example, you can combine different pieces to make a flower with petals.

Lastly, you arrange these flowers to surround the mirror and define the edges.

Wooden seat covers

Colorful wooden seat covers

Egg cartons are gray and are not very attractive. However, you can change their appearance and tweak the colors by using sprays, oils, or tempera paint.

If you do have a wooden seat, like a bench, you can cover it’s exterior with the newly colored egg cartons. It would be the perfect way to make the seat look more vibrant.

Decorate the walls and improve acoustics

Egg cartons can help prevent outdoor noise from infiltrating your home.

Another way to use egg cartons as a decorative object is to cover your walls and give them a splash of color and a different texture. Also, they can be used to improve acoustics and prevent external noise pollution.

This will improve sound quality with certain objects in your home, but a more desirable aesthetic effect can also be achieved. This is true especially if the cartons are colored since they give any room in your house a more original decorative style.

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