Ideas to Decorate Transit Areas

Take advantage of transit areas at home - from closets to relaxing corners.
Ideas to Decorate Transit Areas

Last update: 05 June, 2023

Let’s take advantage of transit areas at home – from closets to relaxing corners.

Are you always complaining about the distribution of your house? You wish you had more room, and more space to organize your family’s stuff

What if there were ways to transform those areas into functional and beautiful spaces? Let’s make this happen!

The reputation of transit areas

Ideas to Decorate Transit Areas

Transit areas are those spaces you pass through. Hallways are often forgotten and you don’t tend to think about how to decorate them or how you could take advantage of them.

However, they offer a lot of possibilities that can make life at home and organizational tasks easier and give you a space to enjoy. What if you modify that hallway between your bedrooms and make it a reading area? These are some ideas to transform transit areas completely.

Let’s bring transit areas back to life

These are some tips to decorate transit areas in your home. With them, you can create a warmer atmosphere and offer a sense of belonging to make them functional areas.

Decorative items – adding flowers, a nice vase, some candles, a mirror, or a frame can be interesting. These different elements will give you a personal space.

Take care of lighting – creating a cozy atmosphere means paying attention to lighting. Bigger spaces like entrances or halls need indirect lighting. In hallways, you should put a general light that doesn’t create shadows and makes the space seem larger.

The beauty of rugs – they turn any area into a cozy space. If you use the proper colors and materials they’ll completely transform your transit area. Check out this cool rug from La Redoute.

Furniture – this depends on the space you have, but a console table or an armchair is perfect to create a stylish area.

Ideas for areas you’re not using

Ideas to Decorate Transit Areas


Closets are essential in any home. If you have a large hallway, of more than 130 centimeters in width, you can put a closet there.

If you want to use it for storage, the best option is a closet that goes up to the ceiling. A good idea is to make it match the color of the doors. Depending on the space you have, you can add sliding or swing doors.

A bookshelf – the perfect complement for transit areas

If you like to read and have a lot of books that you don’t know where to put, a bookshelf is a perfect solution.  A space of only 30 centimeters is enough. You can build it from the floor to the ceiling with adjustable shelves.

You can also place different decorative items to make it look better and dynamic. It’s important to keep it tidy, so if you think that you can’t keep it perfectly organized, you can use sliding panels to keep it closed.

From war to peace

Hallways between bedrooms or landings can become a reading corner, a meditation area, or a workspace, based on your needs.

If you have children, you can make a play area for them and keep all their toys in one place. Then, their bedroom will be a place just to rest.

Isn’t it easy to transform transit areas into something interesting? The first step is to think about your needs, and then just do it.

If you have enough space to place a closet or furniture, you must decorate it and make it part of your home. A good idea is to use the same colors of your house. You can add a carpet, flowers, or anything you want.