Tips For Decorating The Guest Room

The decoration for your guest room must be special and welcoming. This to ensure any stay is comfortable.
Tips For Decorating The Guest Room

Last update: 19 July, 2021

Throughout the year you’ll surely receive some guests at your home. Therefore, having an ideal guest room is essential to being a good host.

You may have an extra room solely dedicated to receiving visitors. Perhaps you have a room that you use as an office or playroom and that you’d like to set up for when someone comes to see you. Or also, you may be thinking of doing a home renovation to include a guest room.

Whatever your situation, our intention with this article is to help you, through a few simple tips, to be a perfect host with a beautiful and multifunctional guest room.

Multifunctional spaces

Purple bedroom.

Nowadays, houses or apartments with reduced square meters are increasingly common. Therefore, having an exclusive room for guests is almost an impossible mission.

The solution to having a place where our guests can rest and spend a few days is often through:

  • Our guests sharing a room with our children, for example, the best option is to place a trundle bed or a bunk bed.
  • If we have a room that we use as an office, laundry room, or playroom and we want to take advantage of it for visitors. In this instance, you should choose furniture and functional elements that are two in one.

Later we’ll talk about what can’t be missing in a guest room in terms of furniture.

It’s not your room

Basic guest room decorated in Nordic style in white with blue details.

Something that we must be quite clear about if we’re going to adapt a room as a guest room is that this will not be your room, even if it’s in your house.

By this, what we mean is that it’s better to decorate it in a neutral way and without too many personal elements such as photos.

On the other hand, think about how you’d like to feel if you were the guest. Based on this, analyze those elements that you must include so that your guests’ stay is comfortable. As if they were in their own homes.

It’s not a hotel either

Hotel room.

Although the decoration of the guest room is neutral, you can show your personality and style through small decorative elements, and the choice of colors, or the bedding.

Giving the room a personal touch will always give it a warm and homely atmosphere.

Essential elements in the guest room

Essentials in the guest room.

There are certain elements that can’t be missing in a guest room because they make it functional. When choosing the furniture, you should analyze your space options and if you receive many or few guests during the year.

Here are two cases that you can find yourself in and which elements work better in one and the other.

Exclusive guest room

Having a guest room intended only to receive visitors gives more room for maneuver when decorating and preparing this space. In this case, it’s better that you choose a double bed, so your guests will be super comfortable.

On the other hand, the storage system is very important in bedrooms in general, but in the guest room, in particular, it’s also very important. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to open and close the suitcase to take things out.

Therefore, since this is an exclusive room for guests, take advantage of it and invest in a large closet. In addition, this closet will serve to store the bedding of that room. Add bedside tables with lamps and your guests will feel at home.

Guest room and office or game room

Guest room and office.

If your guests are going to share a resting place with your office or the place where your children study or play, every meter is important. In this case, it’s better that you opt for a sofa bed. This way you save space and have two elements in one.

As for storage, it’s important that it’s functional and that it helps you to store your things separately from work and for your guests to keep their things.

Choose chests of drawers or chiffoniers with several drawers. Leave some empty for your guests. Another good option is using shelves and wicker baskets. This will help you keep the space tidy.

Final details

Guest room with details: flowers in a vase.

To make the guest room totally cozy you can include elements such as flowers or candles. Leaving a pitcher of water and a few glasses also speaks highly of you as a host.

Finally, don’t forget to leave an extra blanket. We don’t know if guests will be colder than normal at night.


The key to having a good guest room is to think about your starting point. What do you have? An exclusive room for my guests? Do I have an office that I can use to host my guests? Based on this, adapt that room to your possibilities.

If you’re thinking of doing a reform to include a guest room, consider the possibility of making a suite. That is, the room has its own bathroom. This will add comfort and convenience to your guests and you as well.