Stylish and Fun Girl's Bedroom Ideas

In this article, we share three beautiful girl's bedroom ideas: a Barbie bedroom, an Alice in Wonderland bedroom, and a butterfly bedroom.
Stylish and Fun Girl's Bedroom Ideas

Last update: 28 January, 2021

People tend to spend a lot of time and effort in decorating their children’s bedrooms. When your daughter is no longer a baby and needs her own space, girl bedroom ideas become important.

Girl bedrooms become safe havens for the princesses of the house where they’ll spend many hours resting, studying, and playing. Therefore, you need to take the tastes of your daughter into account and turn her bedroom into a stylish and fun place.

Below, we share three amazing girl’s bedroom ideas. We’re sure your daughter will be extremely proud of her room and will want to spend her time there and hang out with friends.

The first girl bedroom idea – Barbie bedroom

Barbie bedroom.
Barbie bedroom /

One of the favorite bedroom themes around the world is Barbie. This doll is popular from generation to generation and is part of the childhood of many girls. This theme is a must for a girl’s bedroom.

The main color palette of this themed bedroom consists of different shades of pink. Nevertheless, you can combine it with other colors to make it pop. You can add pink through the Barbies girls love so much.

You can go for all shades of pink, from pastels to fuchsia. A very original and sophisticated combination is pink and black. In addition to creating the Barbie look, you’ll give the room a very Parisian, glamorous, and original touch. Also, you can find a huge selection of wallpapers with the Barbie theme on the market.

Thematic decorative accessories are essential. Images of the doll, logos with her name, and everything that reminds you of this wonderful icon of the feminine world are good examples.

Add hints of glitter. Apply it anywhere to give your daughter’s bedroom an extra touch of glamor we’re sure she’ll love.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland themed room.
Alice in Wonderland themed bed /

This is a dreamy theme for any girl’s bedroom. It’s one of the girl’s bedroom ideas that’s captivating at first glance. We find it beautiful and original, in addition to giving your daughter the possibility of living in a wonderful story for many years.

We’re sure that the Alice in Wonderland theme will delight your daughter. It’s a decorative trend for girl’s bedrooms that we believe is beautiful and will dazzle everyone. You can visit the firm’s website to discover everything you need to know about buying and shipping.

The German furniture company Barste Design is the manufacturer of this furniture collection that will captivate you. These pieces have a timeless and very unique design. Also, they’re hand-made and are special and unique. The collection is called Alice, and it’s a dream come true.

The Alice in Wonderland-style bed is a beautiful piece topped with chess pieces in the corners. The study table is shaped like a magic cup and the armchairs are rabbit-shaped. This allows study hours to turn into great tea times. The Alice collection is detail-oriented. You can also buy a wardrobe and a floor lamp.

Butterfly bedroom – The last of the girl’s bedroom ideas

A butterfly bedroom.
Butterfly bedroom /

Another bedroom design that will delight your daughter. Butterfly-themed girl bedrooms are a hot trend that’s also romantic and elegant and never will go out of style.

The collection is called Amedea and consists of an Italian bed with iron legs. The upholstered butterfly headboard is one of its key pieces and will make your daughter’s room an unforgettable place.

Other pieces of furniture of the collection that you can add to your little girl’s bedroom are a dresser and bedside tables. Both have a lacquered wooden structure that goes very well with the suede tapestry that covers the base and the top. The finishing consists of thumbtacks. You can find the Amedea collection in specialized stores and also online by visiting the website of the firm Ámbar Muebles.