Small Side-Tables for Small Bedrooms

Side-tables are the perfect solution for small bedrooms. They help enhance a minimalist decor while keeping you neat and organized.
Small Side-Tables for Small Bedrooms

Last update: 28 December, 2019

Tables serve so many functions. You can use them to serve meals and hold objects as well. If you have a small bedroom, small side-tables can be a great place for a lamp or flower vase nearby your bed.

In our post today, we want to share some ideas for decorating a small bedroom with side-tables.

Side-tables for bedroom decor

side table bedroom

If your bedroom is a little tight on space even a traditional nightstand is a luxury.

They can be obstructions in small areas and make bedrooms look even smaller.

But you shouldn’t forget the idea of a nightstand all-together. You still need one to hold a lamp for reading, a glass of water, your glasses or your phone to wake you up in the morning.

So, should you get a nightstand or not? Instead, try using a small side-table. The best thing is that you can let your imagination take the reins and decorate with an element that you normally wouldn’t use in a bedroom. This could be a box, basket or stool.

Small side-tables in different materials

side table materials

Small side-tables come in thousands of designs: straight or crossed legs, central shelves, round or square, wood base and iron legs, completely wood, glass structure… whatever you choose, make sure it fits with the rest of your decor. In addition, find one that is practical and can hold your personal items.

We suggest leaving the inside or part underneath empty. And try not to put too much on the top. If you keep too many things on top, regardless of how small your table is, it’ll lose its charm and will start to resemble a big, clunky nightstand.

The main point of using a mini side-table is to minimize the number of items you have on view. Only place your necessities on top of your side-table. Keep the rest in a closet, bag or in your bathroom (in an organized manner). Aim to use your small side-table as a way to prevent or reduce chaos.

The perks of using a small side-table

side table perls

Mini side-tables are very lightweight. A small side-table, with its thin legs, or wheels, can be just what you need to enhance a room.

You don’t have to go out and buy a new one at a home decor store. Instead, you might have a stool or bench at home that you can paint and decorate and give a second life. Or leave it as it is for vintage decor!

Small side-tables can be made from any material: wood, iron, rattan, stainless steel, metal… just make sure that your table matches with the surrounding decor. The colors that you choose or paint on are important factors as well. Try to use light colors (preferably white) and it can help your room look bigger and brighter.

We also recommend using a bed without a headboard if you have a small room. But if you still want one, try a light color. The same goes for your blankets, pillows, and curtains. Make sure your side-table matches and try to avoid any furniture that does nothing but take up space. So that means no dark robust wardrobes, chairs, dressers, drawers, chests… Try to simplify and keep your room as clear as possible!