Six Bedroom Ideas With Gray Walls

Check out gray wall ideas. They make any home original and anything but boring.
Six Bedroom Ideas With Gray Walls

Last update: 22 June, 2019

Decor ideas are especially enticing when they’re bursting with color. But for everyday living, somber, versatile tones might actually work better. You can decorate a bedroom with gray walls to be just as original as colorful ones. Take a look at these six wonderful ideas.

1. Gray bedrooms with patterns

gray walls bedroom patterns

Gray doesn’t have to be boring or monotone; use it with creativity and a sharp sense of style. There are plenty of gorgeous bedrooms that use colorful or neutral patterns. Just as color does, patterns can create a wonderful contrast.

A great way to use patterns to your advantage is for pictures, borders, blankets, and pillows. They can create a beautiful atmosphere in the bedroom. Browns, beige and pastel designs work especially well in decor.

2. Gray-walled rooms for students

gray walls students

You can create the perfect decor for your teenager’s room with gray walls as well. Using a gray backdrop creates contrast with vinyl decals, posters or decorative pictures without overwhelming the setting.

It also helps create a special place to study or work as gray tones are gentle and far from loud. Patterned rugs or blankets will add a little originality to the decor.

3. Amazing results with wood

gray walls decor

You might very well have never thought of our next decor combination. Wood is a pure, warm decor resource, which doesn’t make it a common material to pair with gray tones.

But against all odds, using them together can create a charming setting that’s cozy and bright. If you add in classical decor elements, you won’t believe how beautifully your room will come together. Gray and wood is a perfect combo for rustic or big homes.

4. Gray walls in children’s rooms

gray walls childrens room

Gray isn’t a serious color that’s reserved exclusively for adults. Children’s rooms can also benefit from gray tones and from all of the possibilities that they create as a base color.

Today, you can find original ideas for children’s room decor using gray. A whole world of creativity is out there for children’s room decor.

A great example is creating a contrast with pastel, white and pink decorative elements. The contrast gives a children’s room a kid-friendly feel without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of the home.

5. Modern industrial-style rooms

gray walls industrial

Lofts or industrial, urban apartments seem to work perfectly with gray. But is this true for bedrooms as well? If your bedroom is diaphanous and well-lit, gray can also be a very plausible option.

Conserve the texture and color of cement for a modern, intense effect. If you use them with a white, sleek bed, you can create a very elegant decor. But we don’t recommend gray for small rooms as it can visually shrink a setting.

6. Original rooms with textures

gray walls textures

If you love original, eye-catching or even eccentric decor, gray walls can still be an option for you. Playing with volumes and shapes can create a truly different decor.

Gray walls are a completely different story if they’re upholstered or lined with wallpaper, for example. There are all kinds of light, furniture and color resources to choose from. The inspiration for this idea comes from patchwork design; but instead of a single object, the concept is applied to an entire room.

As you read with us today, there are many different ways to create gorgeous gray-walled rooms. Gray wall ideas go way beyond this color’s former use: offices, studies or modern homes.

With a touch of sense and a handful of tricks, gray walls can be a great decor for bedrooms.