Renovate Your Bedroom with these 5 Steps

Changing your bedroom is easier than it seems; read our following recommendations.
Renovate Your Bedroom with these 5 Steps

Last update: 15 November, 2018

A bedroom can get a little boring. However, we can switch things up while keeping the original layout the same just by tweaking a few details or accessories. Step up to the challenge and renovate your bedroom to experience a completely different ambiance.

As the years go by, our interests and needs change. There’s no doubt that they don’t. Considering all of those changes, having a place to relax is very important – our bedroom. Making sure that we’re happy with it means that we’ll have to make a few changes to it every now and then.

Switching up our bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive project. A little creativity and good judgment will suffice. You can opt for DIY ideas, sometimes using recycled materials or things you have in the house.

Below, we’ll give you some ideas and recommendations that’ll help you transform your room.

1. Create a color palette

Colors are fundamental; we’re all aware that depending on the colors in a room, we feel a certain way or another. This is color psychology. Considering their possible effects, we should find the colors that make us feel better and comfortable.

When we change a room’s color palette, the entire room will look different. We’re not just talking about wall color (which has a big visual presence), but the color of all of the accessories as well. We need to change the smaller items in order to reduce contrast.

You can try painting a wall one color, helping it stand out from the other three walls. There are all kinds of ideas. But remember, it works better with lighter colors, even just all white, for a stronger sense of illumination.

Room all white

2. Change your wall decor

We can get bored of seeing the same things on our walls. But, there’s an easy solution. We just need to change the decor. If we’ve also decided to change the wall color as well, that’s even better.

For the wall decor, we can try decorating with new pictures or photos from a vacation trip. Another idea is covering one of the walls with wallpaper. You’ll find plenty of attractive and original patterns.

If you want a bolder change, you can leave one wall completely bare and paint a mural. However, make sure that it goes with the rest of the room. To avoid overwhelming the space, you can leave the other walls white.

3. The importance of textiles and other complementary pieces

Though they’re not large, textiles have a considerable amount of visual impact. These should match each other, whether it’s through their color or pattern. Examples include pillows, rugs, bedding, etc. We can also try playing around with texture to achieve different looks.

Actually, they’re your best option if you don’t have a big budget. You can really give your room a different vibe just by using accessories.

You can also swap curtains for blinds or vice-versa. Avoid those that are too opaque as they don’t let in much sunlight.

4. Create more storage room

With time, we accumulate more and more personal items which we don’t want to part with. So naturally, once in a while, we have to “reorganize” our entire room, taking advantage of the opportunity to do a general clean as well.

In addition, creating spaces to store these items in an organized and visually appealing manner is a good idea. In order to do just that, you can use higher shelving and closet areas or the space underneath your bed.

Room storing

Boxes and baskets work well for storage. They can also go inside closets, or on shelves or dressers to organize our smaller objects. We can find them in a variety of shapes and designs, allowing us to mix and match them in all sorts of ways.

Hooks are also a great option. We traditionally hang them on the inside doors of closets, but we can find other kinds of hooks as well.

5. Renovate your bedroom without replacing your furniture

If we’re on a budget, replacing furniture isn’t an option. However, we definitely can use it as a tool to change the look of our bedroom.

For example, if the surface of one of your furniture pieces is smooth, you can try placing a decorative vinyl cover on top. They’re quite easy to put on and remove, and they give a fun and original touch.

bedside table

If you’re not into vinyl covers, try giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint. You can paint on designs like flowers, leaves, geometric shapes…

As you’ve read in our post today, renovating a bedroom isn’t as hard as it seems, even if we’re on a small budget. With a good eye and some practical thinking, we’ll achieve a lovely, and most importantly, different result.